WixStores – Easy way to create an Online Store

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Like an avid digital enthusiast, I am constantly on the lookout for simple and easy to use web applications to facilitate my business. My quest came to a halt when I came across this amazing site WixStores, which lets you create your own online store.

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Wix.com is a do-it-yourself website builder (DIY) that has one of the biggest collections of pick and use templates. WixStores is the eCommerce website builder offered by Wix.com. The templates are put into different categories and sub categories like business, entertainment, creative arts, retail and fashion, restaurant and hospitality etc. Best part is that these stunning templates are absolutely free to use and are completely customizable.

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WixStores was created to cater to the emerging needs of the small business owners who want to bring their businesses online. WixStores is an eCommerce website builder which merchants can use to create their own online store and benefit from the internet boom.

What I liked the most is that it is highly simple to use and that the store has a very appealing store front and meets all the requirements of a functional store.

I have tried other softwares too but WixStores is different. Within minutes I had my store ready, which otherwise would have taken major setup time using other applications. Once I signed up, I was guided to select a template from the available categories and subcategories. The categories are so designed that whatever business you are in, you will find your suitable fit. I was overwhelmed by the variety of options available to choose from.

WixStores not only lets you create an online store but it also lets you manage your entire online business operations. Everything related to operations, marketing, tracking is seamlessly integrated so that you can focus on your core business. It also saves you the hassles of assimilating third party softwares to manage backend, marketing etc. With WixStores, managing all business functions literally becomes super easy as it puts you in control of your store like you have never been before. You get access to the backend to organize and manage your products, to upload new products, add discount coupons, determine shipping and tax rates, track orders and manage your inventory quickly and efficiently.

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One important thing I have realized over the years is that for running a successful online store, you need to understand your target audience well and engage them in a fashion that they get hooked onto your site and generate opportunities of repeat business. WixStores are appropriately designed to address this requisite. Here, you can easily manage your blogs, newsletters and email marketing campaigns. For instance, you can send thank you letters, send a coupon when somebody becomes a site member, track your customers who have not placed any order in let’s say 6 months and then send special offers to them and other bunch of offers that can facilitate your sales and help you retain your customer.

In my opinion WixStores is one of the best store builder sites that I have come across. The company has greatly understood the needs of small and medium sized businesses and has wonderfully used its expertise in online domain to create just the right kind of product for the business owners.

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