Wix Wins in Battle of the Website Builders

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Popular website creation platform Wix beat off stiff competition from the likes of Squarespace and Weebly to be crowned Best Website Builder 2014.

Since it first launched back in 2006, the Tel Aviv based outfit have gone on to attract well over 50 million users, many of those in the form of would be entrepreneurs in need of an easy, low-cost solution to starting up a business.

Along the way, it’s earned a reputation as one of the most popular website builders around, boasting an impressive number of features designed to help DIY designers create professional looking sites without the need for technical knowledge or skill.

Why Wix won

That Wix was voted the best website builder around should come as little surprise to anyone who has used to create either a business site, an eCommerce store or even a personal blog.

Beautiful design

It’s highly visual style makes it ideal for creating attractive, eye-catching sites with the focus firmly on aesthetic appeal.

Tonnes of templates

Few website builders offer quite the abundance of templates that you’ll find even with Wix’s free versions.

Though each template looks impressive in its own right, it can always be tweaked, modified or completely changed to get exactly the right look and feel for our sites.

With so many options to choose from, you would perhaps be tempted to think that scouring through them all would take an awful long time.

Not so. All the templates available are placed within appropriate, clearly defined categories, whilst the browse and search functions makes it a doddle to find one that’s perfect.

Ease of use

Wix has also done well to position itself as the go-to platform for those making the first inroads into DIY design thanks to its user-friendly interface and overall simplicity.

Employing a smooth drag-and-drop process, users can effortlessly position text, images, buttons and more into place, then customize them until they look just how the designer imagined.

Apps aplenty

In a heavily digitized age, customers expect more from their websites than the basic words-and-pictures format of old. They expect to be able to do more, to interact with websites they visit and to get just what they need right off the bat.

To that end, Wix certainly delivers.

It’s App Store is packed full of tools to help both first time designers and their customers really make the most of the web.

Competitive pricing

One of the biggest things working in Wix’s favour is its pricing plans.

Though a free model is available, offering just about as much as anybody could need to get a good looking website up and running, this does have its drawbacks. Namely, if you opt for the free version, you’ll find that Wix spoil your wonderful new design with pesky ads, and there’s nothing you can do about it until you upgrade.

Yet even then, it’s premium plans are cheaper than most others on the market. For $4.15 (just over £2.60), you can connect your own domain name to your site so that you can direct visitors to www.yourwebsite.com for example, rather than www.yourwebsite.wix.com.

From there, things get a tiny bit more expensive, ranging from $8.43 for a ‘Combo’ package to $12.68 for an ‘Unlimited’ plan. For full eCommerce support however, you’re looking at over $16 per month.

Though that might seem like a fair chunk of cash each month -especially if you’re on a small budget- it beats most of its competitors’ plans.

With all this on offer, is it any wonder Wix was voted Best Website Builder of the year?

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Andrew Johnson is founder of BestPSDtoHTML. He loves creative designs, photography, paintings and everything about innovation. As an Internet entrepreneur, he constantly tries to develop new ways to bring content faster and closer to the end users in a more streamlined way. His main focus lies in inspiring all the designers and developers with all new ideas through his blogs.

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  • I have used the services of Wix. It truely provides excellent services. Moreover ou don’t have to worry about hosting because they also provide the power services of hosting. Thanks for the post pal. :)

  • Andrew. Does they have the option of online payment and is it safe? I think these kind of website always congusted with heavy traffic. Thanks in advance.

  • Now Wix doesn’t allow multiple editors for a single website. Still it is an excellent post to read. Best of luck in future for your website. :)


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