Why Responsive Web Design Is Considered As Lifeline Of Online Businesses?

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Along with the excessive use of Smartphone, tablets as well as other mobile devices, today there is more value of how effectively one could reach out to the diverse audience while maintaining just a singular version of one’s brand in this technologically advanced globalized world. Today responsive web design is considered as one of the success factors for any of the successful business. So, opting for responsive web design is important for earning profits in an online business. But for this one needs to understand first that what a typical responsive web design means


The responsive web design is simply an approach towards web design that crafts a website in such a way that it provides an optimal experience for the users who visit it from any kind of device. The device could be a small mobile phone or Smartphone or tablet or even a desktop or laptop. Another major thing stated by Kansas City Website Design is that the responsive web design would certainly mean that the website would be easy to read as well as navigate without panning or scrolling by the visitors. The responsive web design for the mobile devices is a general approach towards web design that recognizes the complex as well as the fluid nature of the modern web while adapting the website towards the needs of the audiences, irrespective of the way that they use it.

The responsive website design itself means that the functionality of the website should be adaptive as there would be a massive increase in the number of platforms or the devices on which one would be working with or view the website. The major ideas that must be implemented within the responsive website development are as follows:

  • A fluid layout that is usually based upon a flexible grid.
  • Different media queries and the media query listeners.
  • Images as well as media pieces that could be resized.

In order to have a true responsive web design, one should implement all the above three stated factors within their website. Generally using mobile sites or mobile apps involves the audience while creating a different experience for those viewing on a mobile device. In general, the mobile sites are more often bland, require more work to maintain as well as difficult to navigate. Using any of the application requires the audience to visit any of the app store and then downloading for viewing the site on their device. As a result, the responsive design eliminates all these problems while allowing the site to scale as well as adapt the needs of each individual device. This provides the audiences with a consistent experience while maintaining the vision that one have for their brand.

Generally, the flexibility of the responsive design extends beyond the support of currently available devices. The responsive design recognizes the dynamic nature of the web that provides one with the ability to adapt to the web environment as the platform changes. Different types of devices along with differing screen sizes as well as different operating systems are not at all any kind of obstacle as the responsive design allows the site to adapt the unique needs to each device.

As a result, finally it could be said that as responsive web design allows the website to adapt its appearance according to the size and type of viewing device, and so it is considered as the lifeline of different online businesses.

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Alice Mason

Alice has been working with Kansas City Web Design Company since last few years. In the above post he is sharing the importance of responsive web design for different online businesses.

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  • Yes, responsive web design is needed from now on. I use my smartphone to surf internet but I found that there are many high PR websites which don’t get fit in the dimension of it. This is obviously not good for them also. They will eventually loose their traffic. So responsive web design is the lifeline of buisness for attracting traffic, promotions and for other profitable reasons.

  • Responsive web designing helps your business to promote, advertise and for the branding purposes. Post is well written and yes it is considered as the lifeline of the online business.

  • Every business owner invests for lifetime validity and profit. Responsive designs provides support to the business and its promotion, branding and marketing.


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