Why Magento is Unique in Developing Online Shopping Cart for Your E-Store

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Nowadays it is good to have an online shopping store where potential customers can just view your items online without the hassle of going to the main store to see the items for themselves. What’s even better than having an online shopping store is integrating design on magento website into the system to make your site look cooler, interactive and superbly easy to navigate and use.

A lot of companies that has established an online store have integrated Magento into their system, but why? Listed below are some of the good reasons why Magento is a unique tool in developing online shopping cart for your E-store.

1. Multiple Store on Single Panel

One of the many good things this tool can bring to your online store is called the Magento Multi Store. This very advanced yet goes unnoticed feature of magento allows companies that have multiple domains where they sell their products to have an administrative center that unifies it all. You can even set different stores separately under one domain if you want to differentiate between various types of items for more granular control.

2. URL Rewrite Facility

Another great tool for you E-store would be the URL Rewrite. It allows you to take control of your site, help in the migration of the site or just simply move some things around the domain. If you want to move some items like products and services to another URL for customization, this tool is a great way to do so.

3. Single Page Checkout

A good addition to your online store using Magento is with the use of Singe Page Checkout. Since checking out is one of the most crucial part of ordering from an online store, it is important to have a check out page that’s simple and stays on one page, not making it complicated for the buyers. Integrating this tool with your shopping cart makes it easier for customers to process their orders and more income for your company.

4. Can be Integrated with CMS

Magento can also be integrated with Content Management System or CMS. CMS allows website owners who are too tech savvy to design their own sites to create their own webpage with graphic and text content, edit those content with tools that are very convenient to use, do supporting of multiple accounts which allows multiple administrators to collaborate on working on the site and change the overall appearance of the site with its default themes.

Integration of CMS with Magento is beneficial mostly for developers who are more accustomed to using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

5. Supporting to Multi-payment Gateway

In addition to the single page checkout feature of Magento, it also supports a wide variety of payment gateway for customers out of the box. It also supports payments through alternative means like Amazon, PayPal and Google. Among the basic payment features Magento offers is customer store credit, authorization and charge of invoices, gift certificates (both virtual and physical), Authorize.net integration, checks, money orders, and other extensions of payment through Magento Connect.

A lot of online store owners would say that using Magento to develop online shopping cart for their E-Store is not really necessary since there are more simpler tools out there. They may be right. But for those who have already chosen or have decided to use Magento Shopping Cart and store, nothing could even be better.

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Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix Magento, a web development and magento mobile development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option.

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  • Magento is mainly a shopping cart application and not so much of a CMS although it does have the ability and it actual durability is in item cataloging and selling. Thus, it performs exceptionally well. There are additions for just CMS abilities – some better than others.


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