What Makes HTML5 the Future of Web?

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Browsing the internet through a wide variety of mobile devices is the latest trend, and this is where HTML5 serves the purpose of the new markup language, enabling access to the internet on a range of smartphones come loaded with platforms. On many smartphones, HTML5 is available as the default browser. This is the reason why HTML5 can be considered as the future of the web.


The new version of HTML5 exhibits a lot of exciting features that can be used to develop advanced business solutions. Many developers are aware of the restructured mark-up language and they are using it to create smart solutions. Let us explore the robust features of the HTML5 browser that are making it more popular among the coders and developers.

Compatible with multiple platforms:


Today, users carry a wide variety of devices, from iPhones, tablets to a wide variety of smartphones. Coders often need to overcome the challenge of developing a solution that can run on multiple platforms. HTML5 is a flexible tool, allowing to develop solutions that are compatible with a variety of platforms.

Online and offline capabilities:

An HTML5 code can easily be run on a system without any internet connection. This allows developers to test any written code without any internet connectivity. The database could be stored locally on the system and it could be helpful in testing the speed of an app in both online and offline environments.

Efficient server synchronization:

HTML5 can allow coders to synchronize data with the server to upload an application to be available online for users. One can write the code offline and can connect to the internet to upload it at any time.

Simple video integration:

HTML5 comes with helpful plug-ins that allows integration of audios and videos in an effortless manner. Unlike in HTML, coders need not to embed video players in the code. It saves a lot of time for the coders and at the same time, it doesn’t require more time to load the videos for the users.

Integration of 3D effects:

The 3D effects are the latest and exciting features of the modern animations and entertainment. HTML5, with its new tags like canvas and WebGL, can allow coders to easily integrate 3D effects for users to enjoy exciting animations on their devices.

Fast and efficient:

HTML5 has several fruitful features that make it to deliver results in a speedy manner. Even the use of JavaScript and multithreading do not scale down the speed of delivery. This is the reason why HTML5 has emerged as an efficient browser with great performance.

Responsive browser:


Undoubtedly, HTML5 is a mobile friendly browser, allowing users to access the internet on a variety of mobile devices at a great speed and accuracy. It is perfect for heavy browsing on the mobile devices, like accessing videos and animations.

HTML5 is more popular among coders for its flexible features that allow them to develop customized solutions. Its tags and conventions make it a simple and flexible tool for writing codes that can precisely meet the requirements of the modern times. More importantly, HTML5 has a lot of scope for future developments that can help coders meet the future requirements as per the latest technologies.

In fact, HTML5 is evolving significantly to include more features and capabilities. This is the reason why it can be found on more and more devices as a default browser. Its versatility allows it to be included on a variety of handheld devices besides desktops. All this signifies that HTML5 is certainly going to be the future of the web.

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  • HTML5 is enhancing the smart phone technologies. It is one of the best markup language we have till now. Fantastic post………….

  • It is a better way than the proprietary track . In the last 5 years development process has developed hugely. I think HTMl5 and HTMl6 is going to remain up-to 2020 dominating the web.

  • HTML has been ruling the world from the 90’s. HTML5 have had a great impact on the market ad still HTML6 is waiting for getting released. It is effieicnt and faster than working in any other platform.

  • HTML5 has already gained much popularity among the web developers and designs. Its capabilities, platform independency and compatibility is going to be truely amazing as per the specifications given. A must go through article.


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