Wazala – Tool That Makes Ecommerce A Cakewalk

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Not too long ago, creating and selling products online meant running a small web development firm within your office. You would need to have designers, developers and network specialists to manage operations. Even that wasn’t enough as network errors and failed transactions used to be the order of the day. All this kept small businesses out of the e-commerce race. Some would probably look towards eBay while for most of the small timers e-commerce was a distant dream. Luckily, there are a number of e-commerce solutions today which allow you to manage an online store easily and the best part is you don’t need to be a techno geek for that.

Wazala is one such solution which allows you to build up your online store in no time. It is a dynamic shopping cart software which has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the self-employed populace who want to cash in on the e-commerce revolution. It converts your website or blog into your online store. So if you are winemaker or a craftsman this is your entry into the world of online selling. No, it doesn’t require you to know rocket science. The knowledge of copy, paste, point, and click operation is enough for you to set up your store.

Exciting Features of Wazala

  • Seamless Integration – This application can seamlessly integrate with your existing site or blog. It super-imposes on your website a beautiful online store button which lets visitors shop for your product in the same window.
  • Sell Physical and Digital Product – Wazala allows you to sell physical as well as digital products using the same platform. This is a great advantage for people such as photographers who have a foot in both these markets.
  • Multiple Payment Options – It is well-known that payment options play a very important role in increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce stores. Wazala is integrated with Paypal, Google Checkout and Authorize apart from accepting credit cards and online payment.
  • Informative Dashboard – Managing the product inventory is vital to the success of any online store and with this tool you will have real-time information of your inventory at your fingertips. It will also highlight new order and customer activity offering you a perfect overview of the store.
  • Scalability – This tool has been designed to keep up with your growing business needs. You can start with a few products and then scale up the store easily as and when need arises.
  • Multi-Lingual Support – Wazala has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the businesses which operate in multiple geographies. 15 major languages are supported in the platform as of now and the numbers are expected to grow in the near future.
  • Offer Coupons and Discounts – You can easily offer discounts on the final bill to your customers. This platform also supports the use of promotional coupons which is one of the biggest incentives in e-commerce.

Getting Started With Wazala

To get started with Wazala, one needs to create a membership by signing up on the “Pricing and Sign Up” link. Here you will need to choose your membership plan between Large, Medium and Small which are priced at $299.50, $199.50 and $99.50 per year respectively. Apart from creating a new user account you can also sign up using your Facebook, Google or Yahoo accounts. Setting up an online store is extremely easy with this tool as the self-explanatory steps guide you through the entire process. One doesn’t need to have extensive knowledge in programming and development to get started with this awesome tool.

Web App Look and Feel

Classy and Simple – This is the perfect way to define the shopping cart software which doesn’t alter the look and feel of your website. There is a well-designed dashboard which displays all critical store activities, allowing you to manage various aspects of the store easily. The prices of the products are highlighted in red color and the purchase button fits perfectly over the image of your products. It allows you to upload multiple images of the products making a good marketing campaign to the visitors.


If you are planning to jump into e-commerce, this is the perfect tool for you. It is extremely easy to implement over an existing site or blog which makes it one of the top picks among the shopping cart software. Thanks to this tool you will no longer have to redirect your customers to any third-party website to sell your products as Wazala becomes a part of your existing website.

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