Understanding Web Design Features Right from its Scratch

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Web design is generally planning and creation of different websites. It is considered as the most crucial part in the forming and shaping contents of internet. Web design includes site structure, user interface, information architecture, layout, navigation, fonts, colors as well as imagery. All these features are combined with the principles of design in order to create website that meets goals of owner and designer. Right from the basic of HTML production to the use of Cascading Style Sheet have more recent emphasis on the user’s experience, ultimately consuming new information from the web.

An overview on past trends of web design

  • Initially, Tim Berners-Lee published his first ever website in August 1991. A simple text-based page along with plain left-aligned black text and bright-blue links was developed on a white background.
  • It is said that web design was born in 1993 when the browsers began to display images with the texts. In 1994, the World Wide Web Consortium establishes Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) as the standard language. This was treated as standard language for web designing.

Gradually, in 1996, the website focused on

  • Experimental font as well as background colors.
  • Table-based layouts that helped in providing good structure as well as multi-column layouts which are more complicated and could produce at the time. These table layouts involve navigational columns or even rows to be used with the content. The images as well as texts could be incorporated together. Adjusting the column widths as well as quantity could give the designers to use principles of design.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that helps in creating better web page structure by providing markup which determines structure of multiple pages instead of creating instead of creating new markup for each page. Also CSS offers designers a more creative control, by allowing them to design around the purpose of the site as well as fine-tune details.
  • Flash-based designs that came into existence in late 1990s. This was the most practical solution compared to Shockwave that offered users with more layout and design options beyond HTML.

The important influences caused due to CSS were

  • Reduced markup clutter as well as cleaner layouts along with visual consistency.
  • Separation of design elements from the content.
  • Improved page as well as response time.

All these helped in keeping minimal amount of content thereby conveying information concisely. The simple designs used to rely upon good use of color palettes, contrast as well as typography.

Present trends of web design

  • Presently the most popular web design trend is focusing upon mobile devices. With the growing popularity of the mobile devices as well as growing use of mobile access to the web, the web designing has not been limited to the desktop or browser compatibility. Additionally, with iPhone’s popularity, the websites are designed in the way that they could use flash utilizing large buttons instead of the text links, using videos as well as crisp quality images while consistently branding between the website and official app. The full screen apps and the responsive web design are also main features of web designing.

Future trends of web design:

  • The future web design trends will mainly include the technologies incorporating biometric fingerprints, advertising through social media and many more.

This is how; web design trends are changing drastically. The continuously developing technologies as well as changing web culture are shaking up web design field continuously.

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