Top Free Magento Extensions for an Impactful E-commerce Website

Top Free Magento Extensions for an Impactful E-commerce Website
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Magento is one of the leading open source content management systems used for creating high featured e-commerce portals. This platform is supported by hundreds of web developers and is trusted by thousands of users. Over the years, Magento has overcome various challenges and has offered several valuable extensions to its users. The best part is that most of the highly functional extensions of Magento are for free of cost. Thus, it helps in enhancing the overall appearance and performance of an online store. Some of the top free Magento extensions are stated below, have a look.

Exploded Menu

Bestpsdtohtml-Magento Extensions-Exploded menu
Putting all the products in the catalog and at the same time maintaining the appearance is a big challenge for Magento programmers. The Exploded Menu extension helps the developer in placing different categories and products in a much better as well as easy to navigate manner.


Bestpsdtohtml-Magento Extensions-Re-Captcha
The World Wide Web is full of spammers and therefore protection is the need of hour. One of the most popular, easy and safe ways to protect the website from spammer is putting CAPTCHA and this extension performs this task for the developers.

Mouse over zoom

Bestpsdtohtml-Magento Extensions-Mouse over zoom
The default zoom feature of Magento is not much liked by the users. To overcome this shortcoming, Magento has the Mouse over Zoom extension. With this extension users can zoom the picture of a product via a box on the right side.

Magento Live Chat

Bestpsdtohtml-Magento Extensions-Magento live chat
In this consumer driven market, staying connected with the customers is very important. With Magento Live Chat one can stay in a constant touch with the customers. Listening and replying to the queries of customers through chat enhances the goodwill of the business.

Magentix – The Magento Recycle Bin

The most annoying part that a Magento developer faces is the deletion of products by mistake. Developers get frustrated when they run out of time for reloading the product. It is the time when this extension comes handy. The deleted product is stored in the recycle bin and all that a developer needs to do is restore the product. By this both the efforts and time of the developer are saved.

Google Content API for Shopping

Bestpsdtohtml-Magento Extensions-Google shopping API
High Search Engine Page Ranking is a must for every portal present on the web. Especially, when it comes to a shopping website, popularity and sales of the e-commerce site highly depends on its ranking in the search engine page results. With Google Content API for shopping extension, the e-commerce portal enjoys enhanced visibility on Google results when the user types a respective keyword or product name.
Magento has an array of various valuable extensions and all of them can’t be penned down in single piece of article. However, the above mentioned extensions can be considered as the favorite tools for Magento developers.

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