Top 8 WordPress Twitter Plugins You Should Consider Using in 2013

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Social media marketing has become very important in business these days, bloggers need to make their presence felt to their users. With millions of blogs powered on WordPress, social network plugins are a great way to proceed with the promotion on social media sites, where twitter is certainly not an exception. It is one of the most powerful and popular social media platform that should be integrated into the marketing approach. Plugins can help you go with ease and reduced time. Integrating your twitter accounts with your WordPress account can help you reduce your tedious tasks. We have outlined 8 must have WordPress twitter plugins to help you consider for your blog.

1. Twitter Mentions as Comments

You can increase user-interaction with your visitors in the form of comments and twitter mentions, as this plugin makes the talk of your site on the twitter as a comment along with the existing one.

2. Skysa Twitter Follow App

Generally, twitter follow button takes you to the twitter page, but this plugin allows your visitors to follow your twitter account with a click of the button, without leaving your site.

3. WD Twitter Feed

This is a twitter feed plugin that uses AJAX which enables data loading behind the scenes, and allowing your webpage to load quickly.

4. Latest Twitter Updates with date and time

This plugin displays all the latest tweets for the users that are set as public.

5. WP to Twitter

This plugin automatically posts your tweets from your website to twitter with a shortened URL. It also shortens the updates to up to 140 characters.

6. Rotating tweets

Rotating tweets plugin allows you to show your latest tweets in an animated rotation. This plugin has a shortcode to support rotation of tweets – one at a time.

7. Twitter Tracker

This is one of the most useful plugins for twitter users, as it displays a twitter search bar on your blog, so that you can use a hashtag on your website.

8. WordPress Dashboard Twitter

This plugin is very helpful to the twitter savvy people, as it adds twitter on your dashboard. You can keep track on the direct messages, replies, retweets, friend’s timeline, favorites, etc.

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