Top 11 Website Builders to Woo Your Online Presence

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Building a brand new website has never been easy than to the availability of some of the coolest website builders available. They are cool and offers zillions of features to make your web presence come to live even when you do not have any programming skills. Just following some simple rules and there you go.

  • Your website will be up and running live on internet as soon as you are done.
  • Technical support is usually provided in the form of ‘how to’ videos and ‘Help’ files.
  • The online builders are ideal for the beginners.

And here comes the list of the 11 popular online website builders, which are currently capturing the market, helping the world out for the website construction:


It is an online service, that is W3C compliant. It uses Photoshop file as a design template, with the functions for inserting various texts, feeds and videos. The software is hosted on website’s own servers, and does not levy any fees until it is published.

Not only an online website builder, Cif2 also provides a web hosting platform, and assists Content Management System (CMS). There are different levels of Editor, perfect for both technical and non-technical users. This platform has an automated monitoring and notification system, and the sites using this are called ‘Smartsites’ for the same reason.


Doomby, released in 2009, also helps in online website building, website hosting and Content Management. The editors are extremely easy to use for a beginner, and it includes all the basic desired features of a good website, like online store, blogs, forums, polls and photo albums.


This is a rich and sophisticated online website builder that is gaining traction. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is highly intuitive and interactive in nature. All you got to do is to choose your templates, [there are zillions of templates available], add content and then publish it. It is super simple and at the same cost effective. No need to hire a programmer for making changes in the design and all that.


If you are running a small business anywhere in the globe, then this is the perfect online website building tool to go for. It is extremely easy to use, and is specifically build for the people with little or no knowledge of computers. It features a very rich text, photo galleries, photo editing, and a multi-language site structure is supported.


Launched in January 2004, this website builder with the hosting platform, is the popular hit amongst the bloggers, and those who wish to maintain their websites for a specific reason.


It provides free web-hosting, with a built-in Content Management System (CMS). There are various modules for online shopping, blogs, web forums etc., which when used together, can help to create a fully functional website.


It is an excellent website builder, targeting almost all the audience with its capability to build the personal, business or e-commerce websites. The drag-and-drop options are easy to use. Quick, efficient and easy.


Those who have heard about Weebly, must have definitely known about the various Awards and Accreditations this site has accumulated, ever since it was built in 2006. Other than offering a free online website creator, Weebly is a fantastic option for e-commercing, where simple stores can be opened up, with the payment options like ‘PayPal’ and ‘Google Checkout’.


Reaching out to all the serious ‘Bloggers’, who wish to express themselves to the world. It is an excellent blog hosting service. Free for registered users, and funded by the “VIP” or the “business” category users, this website has accumulated a tremendous applause in the blogging category.

Any guesses about the new articles every day on this website?? Over 1 million !!

Any guesses about the comments published every day on the site?? Over 1 million again !!

IM creator

IM Creator is a really cool online website builder that offers unlimited hosting and a free domain. It is easy and Fast HTML creation using Drag & Drop editor. No programming experience is required. One can start from a design or make a new one.

And not to forget, these website builders discussed here were all FREEEEEE…

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