Top 10 Efficient Text Enhancing Plugins for WordPress

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When it comes to website development, WordPress is an authority. Despite its simplicity, it has a full array of plugins and themes that aim to make your website more interesting and visitor friendly. It’s no wonder why most website developers who want to build a website the fast and easy way have WordPress installed in their computers. However, there are still a number of features that are lacking in WordPress; one of such features are text enhancing plugins. For those who are not exactly familiar with text enhancing plugins, these are add-ons that lets you edit text. With these plugins, you can change the overall appearance of specific texts, like the welcome text and specific headings. However, it’s rather fortunate that there are some developers who built really good text enhancing plugins to help website developers build a more interesting website.

If you’re looking for really good text enhancing WordPress plugins, you may want to check these out.

TTF Tiles

This particular plugin gives you the ability to use images in order to replace the titles of your posts, thus avoiding confusion regarding the type of fonts you are using on your website. A lot of users find this very convenient, stating that WordPress only has limited font controls.


The wp-Typograhpy plugin is a quick help program for people who wants an automatic web typography in WordPress. We all know how annoying it is to commit minor typing mistakes, so this plugin was made to help with hypenation, intelligent character replacement and spacing control.

Simple Pull Quote

Want to place a really nice quote into your post? This is easily done with the Simple Pull Quote plugin. Your quotes will appear on a special box just beside the main article, thus giving the particular quote the attraction level that it needs.

Drop Caps Plugin

If you havehad problems with drop caps, this particular plugin should help you out. All drop caps are added automatically once you change themes. Also, it lets you write easily, since you don’t need to think about the drop caps.

The Google Syntax Highlighter

This is a plugin that uses Alex Gorbatchev’s Google Syntax Highlighter in order to highlight code snippets. Basically, it’s designed for WordPress and has support for multiple languages and wide browser. The Syntax Highlighter was started in order to allow the use and insertion of coloured code snippets without actually relying on any server side scripts.

WP-Syntax Colorizer

It’s basically a plugin that works along with the WP-Syntax; its basic function is to set custom colors for your code snippets. This is for people who work with confusing code snippets.

Text Control

This plugin helps you choose from a variety of encoding options and formatting syntaxes.

Dynamic Font Replacement

Another great plugin that allows you to use your own ttf- or otf-fonts with WordPress. Fast and easy, this is a great plugin to have, especially if your aim is to get your site noticed for SEO purposes. You also don’t need to implement additional CSS files since the plug-in checks the tags being used and these are automatically replaced.

PS Disable Auto Formatting

Stops WordPress automatic formatting (wpautop) and also modifies the HTML that is being generated by the visual editor. This is for developers who hate the familiar WordPress habit of automated formatting.

The next time you decide to build a WordPress website, you may want to download these plugins. Sure, these text enhancing plugins may not be beneficial for you, but once your website starts taking in more visitors, you’d probably appreciate it’s functionality. It’s a known fact that amongst data centers of website developers that these ten plugins have been used time and again.

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