Significance of Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development

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The number of people accessing eCommerce websites on their mobile devices has reached an all time high and it is still increasing very fast. Similarly, a fast increase is also noticed in the volume of mobile commerce transactions i.e. Online shopping through mobile devices.

Hence it has become very important for the businesses to build eCommerce applications to target different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. So many businesses are optimizing their e-commerce applications for mobile devices to get the benefit of m-commerce in the long run.

Although you can also hire mobile app development company to build an eCommerce app for you instead of making your existing eCommerce website a mobile friendly one but this involves lots of investment and additional time. Hence sticking to the mobile friendly responsive eCommerce website is the best idea.

Significance of Mobile Strategy for boosting e-commerce sales through mobile devices:-

Attract more Customers
Now a large number of people place a purchase order from eCommerce websites if it is accessible on their mobile devices. They are avoiding using only desktops and wants to do all eCommerce activities through their mobile phones. Hence it is clear that you can not get more visitors and achieve higher conversion rate by building eCommerce web stores by just targeting desktop computers.

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It has become important that you must develop responsive websites while planning, to develop eCommerce applications so that your e-store is accessible on a variety of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Such kind of responsive websites will deliver quality user experience.

Hence you should use the open source technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create the web store which is accessible on all platforms including desktops and mobile devices.


Remain updated with Search Engine algorithm and get more traffic from search results 

You can hire mobile developers to put the strategies in place to make your eCommerce website, mobile, and SEO friendly. After building a quality eCommerce application, you need to find ways to make it more popular.

You can get more traffic to your website and higher conversion rate by promoting the e-store on the famous search engines like Google. Google has recently updated its search algorithm which gives higher preference and ranking to a mobile friendly website.

Hence you should optimise the eCommerce website for mobile devices so that its search engine ranking increases. If the website gets higher search engine ranking than the e-store will get more traffic through Google searches.

Take Benefits of Mobile Wallets

In today’s time, mobile wallets have become more popular due to their lots of benefits which you should also take. The mobile wallets have provided an easier and secure way for customers to make payment. With payments through Mobile Wallets, the original and sensitive debit and credit card numbers remain hidden.

Also as more people are using mobile devices hence they want to make payments through mobile devices in some secure manner. Hence you can make the online shopping experience of customers more satisfactory by providing them a platform like mobile wallets to make payments.

If you optimise the eCommerce website for mobile devices then it will become a lot more easier for customers to buy product or services from the responsive website and make payment directly from their mobile devices i.e. smartphones or tablets.

Can offer Discounts for products and services

If you choose to develop and use the mobile-friendly e-commerce application then it will help you to create multiple channels of sale and information. You can use the mobile friendly e-store to keep the visitors busy and convey information about your products and services.

Also, you can attract customers by offering discounts. Hence in this way by using mobile friendly eCommerce website, you can keep the visitors busy and easily convert them into real customers.

Make your eCommerce application as popular and user-friendly as mobile app

Mobile apps are very famous now a days and they are also putting influence on how to develop the web applications. Most of the users now expect websites to look, feel and function just like the mobile apps. Hence you cannot expect the success of your e-store just by developing it for desktop computers.

If you want to provide a great experience to your customers then develop your website to be a mobile friendly one. You have to develop your website’s look, feel and features to be as simple to use and as modern as in mobile apps then only you will be able to attract customers.

Thus while planning to create eCommerce application, you have to keep in mind the various benefits and features of mobile commerce apps.

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Mobile friendly responsive websites are less Expensive

In the world’s mobile device market there are many platforms among them Android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms. Now, most of the businesses want to create mobile apps which run on multiple operating systems which is not an easy task as it needs lots of additional time, resources, and money.

The cheaper and much better option is to create responsive websites and use open source web technologies to make the eCommerce website deliver great user experience across all types and sizes of mobile devices and platforms.

Hence you can save money by optimizing your web store for mobile devices instead of building a mobile app which runs on multiple operating systems.


As we have discussed now it has become very important for the businesses to develop mobile friendly eCommerce websites. Also, many businesses which have the higher budget go for mobile applications along with optimizing e-commerce websites for mobile devices.

But the businesses cannot ignore the significance of mobile friendliness of their existing eCommerce applications. Hence the businesses should incorporate the required changes in their e-store to make it accessible to all types and sizes of mobile devices.

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