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0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Pin It Share 0 0 Flares × has always tried to bring something or the other useful and informative for its regular readers. In this wake, long back, we had started a section of reviewing various PSD to HTML service providers. The idea behind it was to provide right information and a deep insight into these service providers and does not let the prospects to get confused in choosing the right one amongst the crowd.

Even today, we bring you one more service review about one such PSD to HTML service provider.

Note: This review is unlike the other paid service reviews. We were approached by a company to review the quality provided by them and we accepted their proposal on one condition.

The condition was writing a service review only after actually reviewing their coding skills. This was necessary to bring out a true and an unbiased service review which would prove worth reading to our readers.

The Procedure:-
As a part of the whole procedure, we provided with a PSD. The PSD was not an easy one. It had a few complex issues but we are happy to see that the firm responded quite well. While sending them a PSD, we did not tell them the parameters on which their quality would be adjudged. Since, we enact to play as an ordinary customer and were trying to figure out the work culture they practice.

It was nice to receive a welcome message soon after we sent them the PSD. Soon afterwards, one of their customer support executive contacted us and asked about our special requirements. We also kept an eye on the clock, as we wanted to make sure about their turnaround time, which was pretty quick in our case.

Since the commencement of the project, the experience was eloquent and it was then time for the Quality Test. The moment we received the converted PSD, we sent it to our Quality Analysis team, which after couple of hours updated us with their findings and analysis.

Service Review:-
Most of the issues, from the bug sheet provided by our QA team, were related to alignment and uneven spacing. There were few places where the spacing on both the extremes did not match. At some places, section height should have been reduced. There is a little extra spacing between the text, which if rectified would increase the line height and match the PSD.

The text written at one side of the image should have been aligned to the centre of the image. Since these issues did not change the over all appearance of the design at all, but certainly asked for a second revision to match every pixel of PSD.

Cross browser compatibility of the design is one such feature which could differentiate one company from others. On checking the compatibility issue; the design ran smoothly on Mozilla and other popular browsers, but failed to show its compatibility with I.E 6. Since I.E is the 2nd most popular browser, used by majority of the people, hence, its compatibility becomes an issue.

On contacting, with these issues, the company reacted vigorously and provided second revision to the design which was 100% error free, cross browser compatible and but of course, W3C valid.

Order Process:
The order process of the company is quite simple and easy. At home page there is an orange button which takes you to the order now page. You need to fill the order form and select a package. There are some additional options available which you can choose according to the need of the project. Make the payment of the total amount billed and soon you would be contacted/ informed by one of their executives.

The pricing depends upon the service package one chooses. The turn around time depends upon the complexity of the project and additional requirements one orders for. Each of the packages differentiates from others, both in pricing as well as offering. The company offers money back guarantee but has some guidelines over it. So, it is advisable for a consumer to go through the guidelines before claiming a charge back. Or else you may also go through the terms before making an order.

Conclusion: is a markup service firm for those who are looking for on-time delivery and better client support. Your design may need a second revision, but do not hesitate. The company promises to satisfy its client till the end and also provides money back guarantee. So, don’t have to worry! You are all safe and your money is secure.

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  • I just used xhtmlchop for the first time and am thoroughly impressed with the results.

    What surprised me the most is that they finished my project on the due date they originally estimated for me, and I submitted to them late on a friday night!

    I’ve used a few other psd to html services, but this was much cheaper than a few of the others I have tried.

    I think I found my new outsourcing partners, and I don’t even know them by name! Kudos xhtmlchop if you’re reading this.


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