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Note:- This review is unlike other paid service reviews. We were approached by the company to review the quality provided by them and we accepted their proposal on one condition.

The condition was writing a service review only after actually reviewing their coding skills. This was necessary to bring out a true and unbiased service review which is worth reading to our readers.

After explaining the conditions and the stake involved in getting a service review very brightly took up the challenge. They were very well aware that if they leave a slightest of the margin of error in their coding it could be fatal to their brand image. But they took it up from the front and this showed their confidence in the quality they promise to offer.

The Procedure was quite simple. We sent them a PSD and they had to convert it into seo-semantic, cross browser compatible, W3C validated XHTML file. After they delivered the PSD into XHTML we sent it to our QA(Quality Analysis) team who is responsible for checking all the validation markup, browser test, and proper use of tags.

*Here we would like to mention that the moment we sent them the PSD we were counting on their turn around time and they delivered their project in around 8 business hours which is quite a standard delivery time.

Service Review
The analysis report submitted by our QA team has reported few issues in it. Though the issues do not change the appearance of the design but when we talk about quality it must be error free. The code we got from them turned out to be quite good and actually closer to the standard followed by the industry.

Technical Issues:-
There are issues like the banner has been used as background whereas it should have been used as an image instead to avoid future inconvenience. The logo of the website misses the Trade Mark sign to match its PSD.

The use of ‘ul’ and ‘li’ tag has been missed at couple of places. At footer the heading is given in ‘p’ tag whereas the appropriate tag is ‘Heading’. As per standard the H2 tag can be used only twice in a single page but it exceeds its limit in the code.

The links at footer with heading ‘Nexgen Biofules’ shall start from a bit right as in PSD.

Compatibility Test:-
The major concern of any PSD after its conversion into valid HTML or its further extension is its compatibility with multiple browsers. The HTML file converted by the service provider fairly shows its compatibility with most of the popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Order Process
The website is certainly new and it is apparent from its presentation and usability. While browsing through the website the color used in the entire website would give you the sweet essence of some strawberry candy. If you want to hire them and looking for an order now button on the navigation bar you certainly won’t get it. The prospect can reach to the order page by the ORDER NOW button which is on the right hand corner of every page, except offer page. The apt way of including of this link could have been adding the button into navigation bar.

After reaching to the order page the visitor has to fill his order details like Name, Email, phone no, number of pages, turnaround time, add notes if wan to comment on something, server link to obtain the PSDs if it exceeds the upload limit and most importantly the service you want to avail. The order form comes with 3 service options i.e. PSD to CSS/XHTML, Joomla Template and WordPress Template. also gives the choice to customize the order by giving variety of choices in Layout Option and Advance Option. To find these options might need your extra attention on the order now page as the font color used is white and it is slightly difficult to differentiate.

The pricing of the website is unlike other websites. It does not offer its service in packages but certainly give plenty of options. You can customize your service package by paying little extra and according to need as well. Most of the options provided under Layout Option and Advanced Option are free and the remaining can be opted at a price of $9.

The basic price of 1 page PSD conversion in 3 Business Day turnaround time is $79 and an additional page would cost you $39 more. The less is the turnaround time the more would be the fee and more quickly you will get the delivery of your project.

Comparing with other established players of the industry, their appearance would certainly give you a feeling of novice. But when we considered their work it was timely, competent, inexpensive (depends upon the budget of the individual) and without much error. can be given a try, considered if you are short of time and can afford their service.

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