Responsive Web Design or Mobile App Development – Which One is the Safer Route?

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With the steadily growing trend of mobile commerce, businesses are quickly understanding the need to make their brand mobile friendly. The businesses are getting confused when it is about deciding the right solution for their organisations, whether they will go for creating a responsive website design or developing a mobile app. By looking at some of the major advantages and disadvantages of every solution it will be easier to make the right decision.

Responsive web design vs. mobile app development:

* One of the key points to consider for a business owner before making any investment is affordability. Of course you should not choose the cheaper one for the sake of it, but if the more affordable solution suits your business the best, nothing can be better than this. The fact is Mobile app development is much costlier than responsive web design and development. But when mobile app is the proper correct choice for your business you should simply go for it because it is wise to think of long term benefits to the sales revenues rather than one short term high investment. Above all, it is important to analyse the solutions and find out which one will be best suited to your business.

* While discussing about responsive web design (RWD) and mobile app development the first thing to admit is that the significance of mobile friendly website cannot be underestimated. With explosion in the field of mCommerce market the trend of searching for a brand on the mobile will highly increase. You can hire app developer and get the perfect app that meets your business requirements.

* While considering the advantages of mobile apps, they are faster to use and simpler than websites. The apps, once downloaded on a mobile, can be accessed much more easily than a website; it needs only a few clicks of a button. But at the same time, an app is not accessible in the first instance while a RWD is. Before the app starts using your service on a phone you need purchase or download it from the app store. Therefore, your app needs to be popular enough to download. For a business with a strong customer base developing such app is a big bonus as it can market its app easily.

* Apps are clearer, more efficient and all quicker; therefore people find them easier to use in comparison with a website. Another big plus point for the apps is, once downloaded they can be accessed offline. The interactive features of the apps keep the customers engaged for long.

* Responsive web design (RWD), on the other hand, has a problem. It depends on the CSS compatibility of mobile devices to a great extent while most of the mobile devices are not CSS compatible. This as a result wastes a lot of CPU and RAM which can be not much appealing to the tech-savvy customers. But still, RWD offers some functions which cannot be enjoyed on a mobile app. A big positive point for the Responsive web design is that Google recommends them and with one URL and HTML it is easier for Google to crawl and index it. The users can share and interact as well which enhances the SEO of your website.

Since responsive website designs and mobile applications both come with individual advantages and disadvantages, it depends on you which one will be the best solution for you depending on how you want to get connected to your customers. If you have to choose a single one, choose the right one. An app can keep your customer loyal and engaged but it may not be relevant to your business, whereas, a Responsive web design can be a safer route.

About author: Robin Johnson has been working as an app developer for one of the leading mobile application companies for seven years now. He has published several articles on the latest technologies in the field of mobile apps and the benefits to hire app developers. He follows technology journals on a regular basis and here he is sharing his valuable knowledge with us on Responsive web design vs. mobile app development.

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