Resourceful Features of WordPress 3.6

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WordPress is one of the most widely-used platforms by various bloggers and developers around the globe. The convenience offered by WordPress has attracted millions of users. The newly and highly anticipated WordPress 3.6 is now in the market.

What’s new in WordPress 3.6?

Here are the new features of WordPress 3.6 that are going to thrill the users.

  • Improved Post Format

Improved post formats in WordPress 3.6
Most of the users, who are already using the old format features of WordPress 3.5, are going to get much surprised by the new improved post format features of WordPress 3.6. The user-interface is much more advanced than its previous versions. The users can easily find the post format at the top of the editor’s page, enabling the users to post information in various forms such as an image or a link. The use of plug-ins such as Alex King, have enhanced the usability of the users quite considerably.

  • Auto Saving

Auto saving in WordPress 3.6
This is one of the best features implemented in WordPress 3.6 for its users. The factors such as lost connection, expired cookies, crashed browsers, unintended navigations, error in plug-ins, resulted in loss of data. The new version of WordPress 3.6 prevents the loss of data and displays the pop-up directing the users to re-login as the session gets expired. The users simply log-in to their accounts and are directed onto the same post on which they were working.

  • Post Lock

Post lock in WordPress 3.6
WordPress allows multiple authors to login and carry out various tasks such as posting, writing, editing and many more author related tasks. However, many authors used to edit the same post as they were unaware of others, resulting in wastage of time and worthless posts. The new enhanced WordPress 3.6 offers the post lock features, inhibiting multiple authors or users to work on the same posts. The window pops up prompting the authors that the post is being edited and they have the options either to “go back” or “take over” the post.

  • Themes

New theme in WordPress 3.6
The themes of WordPress have always been the center of attraction. With the introduction of “Twenty Thirteen” theme, WordPress entices its users with more bold colors and responsive layout. The responsive features enable the WordPress to easily settle in on the various screens of Smartphones and tablets. It also provides clear visibility and readability of the contents to the users on various devices. An extra space in the footer for widgets makes it perfect for the users to upload their favorite widgets. With the new outstanding theme, WordPress has not abandoned the previous themes such as twenty eleven and twenty twelve and, has bundled it with the new WordPress 3.6. The users if they wish can stick to the previous versions too.

  • Revision

Revisions in WordPress 3.6
In previous versions of WordPress, if the editor does not like the post sent by the author, they sent it back to the author to revise and fix the errors. Once errors are fixed the author send the post back to editors to revise the content before posting. Here, the tedious work comes in action. The editor has to open two windows for comparing the post and has to switch between both the windows to check the lines. The advanced WordPress 3.6 has built in sliders that opens both the post in the same window and with easy scrolling the editor can easily compare the changes saving them huge time.

  • Menu

Menu in WordPress 3.6
The menu section of admin area has been enhanced in WordPress 3.6 and, the separate tab “edit menu” and “manage location” is clearly defined for the users. Edit menu offers the users to create the new menus and assign items to them while manage location tab helps in assigning the menus to the various locations.

Lastly, these new exciting features of WordPress 3.6 eases the task of the users, enabling them to have fun.

Did you upgrade your existing WordPress version to 3.6??
Do share your experiences with us via comments section below.

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