Reasons Why E-commerce Company Should Allow Telecommuting

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Telecommuting or working from home has been around since 1970s but these days more and more companies are applying this option as it furnishes plenty of advantages not just to the employees but the employers as well. Ecommerce companies are leading the pack with hiring telecommuters who can have ample experience in designing Magento themes. Let us take a look at the reasons fueling popularity of this option.

1. No More Sickness

Though the reasons are mostly personal, most of the employees who cite sickness as the reason for not attending the office are not sick.
There is another facet to this. If someone is carrying an infection, he may spread it to his co-workers and make them unwell as well. Telecommuting spares the employer of all such troubles and ensures work accomplishment on time.

2. Flexible Working Hours

Working from home gives employees the freedom to choose the time and place of their work. They can hence plan their other personal or social responsibilities without missing a day from the office. People are productive when they select their own time according to their most productive hours be it during the night or day. It also favors single parents as they can take care of their kids.

3. Advantageous for the Community

Employees who do not commute regularly make a huge contribution in negating traffic at the rush hour. Consequently the air is cleaner. More traffic demands more highways to be built. Less people on road means no burden on the economy. It saves gas as well. Commuting everyday to the office means the employees have to fuel the tank, almost every day depending on the distance of their office from home. They can save money on the fuel expenditures by working from home. A study showed that a good number of people switch their job to save their commute.

4. Employers can Hire the Right People

Suppose an employee wants a specialist and he does not find the right talent locally. He can hire him from a far-off place and get his work done with accuracy instead of losing out on an important project.

5. Better Time Management

Both the employer and employee can manage their time better with telecommunicating. Employees can save time that he spends in commuting to the office every day. The employer benefits as there are no late comings in the office.

6. Contribute Social Causes

Many employees especially women leave their jobs because of personal reasons. Telecommunicating is just the right technique to retain them. It favors people with disabilities too. Their talent can be a boon for eCommerce business if given a chance.

The eCommerce businesses can save money on electricity charges, car parking area, lesser work space, minimize building rent hired for the office and they require lesser number of computers if people work from home.

There are many professions who can make use of telecommunicating. These include accountant, transcription and translation, programmer, home business, Personal relations professional, freelance editing and writing, financial planner of adviser, call center, computer support specialist, virtual assistance and web designers. Some of them are in huge demand like responsive web designers specializing in Magento theme.

Ample reasons are aforementioned to exercise telecommunicating. Those businesses who haven’t, go for it!

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Kally is a regular writer for ThemeHeros. She is passionate about writing technical stuff to solve various issues related to Magento and other open cart themes and templates. She focuses on the latest concepts that have been introduced in the field and their better utilization for businesses.

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  • Great points Kally.

    “People are productive when they select their own time according to their most productive hours be it during the night or day. ” I strongly agree with this one as long as your telecommuters don’t compromise milestones within project development timeline.


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