Radical Pointers for Fast-Selling WordPress Themes

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Ruling the preferences of developers all over the globe, WordPress is the most popular CMS platform present in the market. As it caters to innumerable users, there’s an open opportunity for developers to get motivated and create themes that function for WordPress. This in turn, creates an open platform for the themes to get used by the users, thereby ensuring that the developers get their dues for the hard work put in.

There are opportunities that you can cash in even with the standard themes present, so the situations arising out of premium themes are endless. Easier said than done, there are situations where developers are not able to make it large with the WordPress themes, when it is calculated in terms of monetary gains. So, what do you do as a developer to rope in the best benefits?

Well, underlined are some of the factors that should be adhered to while trying to make it big in the scenario.

1. Stay Standardized

The potential customers get a good understanding and impression of you, as a developer, if you stick to the standard norms. Straying away does not only give the other developers a cutting edge over you, but also puts you in a position where you are burdened with extra load and unnecessary coding. In fact, the coding part can be made easier by using a well-known theme framework such as Genesis or Thesis. You can also go about creating your custom theme framework to model your themes on.

Follow the Basic Coding Rules and Practices

WordPress has some basic set of coding standards. Proper coding is the basic requirement for your theme to stand apart and function out of the box. This pleases the users and they get more interested in using your designed theme. For ensuring that your theme follows the regulated coding standards, you can use the Theme Check plug-in.

2. Dissolve Language Barriers

The popularity of a theme is automatically enhanced when it is compatible for easy translation. Since the user base of WordPress is spread across various geographical locations it is but obvious that everyone does not speak a common language. The best solution to this situation will be a translation-ready theme that is capable of attracting a wide base and popularity.

3. Presence of Theme Options and Easy Customization

A user prefers to be able to customize the theme as per his/her liking. To make a user capable of performing such features, your theme must have the customizable settings and that too in a simplified manner.

Your theme will have a limited usage if you expect a user to tweak the code to make minor changes to the theme. Thus, you should consider to have a non-inflated yet useful theme options page for better usability.

4. Proper Documentation and Support

Keeping a low price tag for your theme will help you attract a large set of user base and enhance the popularity of your theme. This will further rope in more audience who would want a unique look for their blog.

You should also have a platform where you can address the queries posted by your users and you should definitely cater to their needs. Also, you should see that your theme is well-documented and updated on a regular basis.

5. Various Other Tips

You should always build a theme that caters to some specific purpose, such as a definite interest, like photography or real estate websites. This way you can get the better of the deal while adhering to a users need. Together with the above-mentioned features you can go about integrating some social media features, with an innovative feel and look, to stand apart.

Wrapping Up

Well, the above-stated features, if incorporated will make your theme design stand tall and might make it the most sought after theme for a specific purpose. Get up, Get thinking and innovate for better returns.

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Andrew Jhonson is founder of BestPSDtoHTML. He loves creative designs, photography, paintings and everything about innovation. As an Internet entrepreneur, he constantly tries to develop new ways to bring content faster and closer to the end users in a more streamlined way. His main focus lies in inspiring all the designers and develpers with all new ideas through his blogs.

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  • Reading through the write-up I got a good know-how on how to sell WordPress themes and that too at a brisk pace. Would love to read the same on Joomla websites as well.


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