Plugins and WordPress Tips for Media Producers

Plugins and WordPress Tips
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If you are ready to take your music and media to the next level and start your own electronic press kit site then you should do it quick. You can go viral if you have a good website laid out, and selling music over the internet is simple while still making you a good profit margin. So here are some themes and plugins that you should use to start designing your WordPress EPK site with.

Genesis Theme for self-hosted WordPress

Genesis is one of the best WordPress themes you can get. Everything is completely customizable from an easy to use interface and you can design it around whatever theme you want with ease. The benefit of using Genesis is the SEO optimization as well. Everything was built with SEO in mind so you will see an increase in your rankings and as a result more gigs and customers purchasing your music.

Bookings – Plugin

Bookings is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a booking service on your website. When you need people to reserve certain days and times for you to work you have two choices: do it all yourself, or let the computer do it all for you. Bookings lets the computer do all the work for you because customers can reserve certain time frames on your calendar and you can approve or deny it. Then once it’s all locked in you can fetch the data on your phone and check your schedule on the go. It’s the ultimate convenience for managing your gigs.

eShop – $50 one off purchase WP Plugin for eCommerce

Want to sell music on your website as well? Well then eShop is the best plugin for doing so. You can allow customers sign up to your website so their name and other information is saved or allow guest purchases. There are a lot of options available for listing the products in your shop. You can download sales data such as which products are selling the best. Give and receive automatic emails for each download so you can thank your customers and alert you that a sale just went through. Works with all the major payment programs as well, such as: Paypal,, Webtopay and more.

Audio Player

Audio player is a very simple yet highly customizable MP3 player that you can place anywhere on your WordPress site. It comes with volume control and other basic features you would expect. You can use this to upload songs that you want to put inside of posts for your fans to listen to. Or you could even upload demos to attract more sales the choice is yours.


Add social media to your website with the sociable plugin. It lets visitors easily share the post that they enjoyed with their friends and family online through social media with a single click. This is completely free exposure and a chance to get even more fans and customers. The best part is that sociable looks great and is customizable to fit the theme of your site.


If you plan on releasing regular podcasts online to give your fans some content that they can enjoy on a regular basis then podcasting is a must have plugin. It allows your readers to subscribe via RSS 2.0 or Atom. They can also use podcast clients such as iTunes, Juice, or even CastPodder where they will automatically download your latest podcasts. All you have to do is make an MP3 or MP4 file and upload it to your blog. Then you make a new post with a link to the file and announce it as a brand new podcast. WordPress will do the rest and syndicate it out to the clients.

EasyVideoPlayer 2.0

If you want to leverage some video marketing on top of your podcasts and music then EasyVideoPlayer is the plugin for you. You can make a video promoting your music and embed a buy now button right into the video. This will increase conversion rates and get people even more interested in your music if you have a small video to go along with it. Do video split testing to see which videos convert better without any work at all. Just upload two videos and select the split test option and you can track all the statistics yourself to see which is better.

All in One SEO Pack

The all in one SEO pack is a must have plugin for any WordPress website. You get Google analytics integration so you can easily track who visits your website and what they do while on it. There are security functions to protect your website from getting its rank stolen by black hat competitors. It helps to avoid duplicate content found in most WordPress websites which could hurt your rankings. It even adds meta tags to your posts and pages and generates them automatically. Meta tags are still used for a lot of search engines out there to find out what your page is about and tell where it should put you in the rankings so having them can only help. The best part it this whole package works out of the box without any customization necessary. So you can change a few settings if you want to, but everything already works once the installation is done.

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