PixelCrayons Review: An Impetus to the Success of My Ecommerce Store

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Availing its services from years, I finally got time to write a review on PixelCrayons. Before I start, I want to make it clear that I’m very glad with the company and have probably not seen a more committed company till date. I’ll start with discussing the company’s nature of business and its offerings. Amid this I’ll be sharing with you why I’m so satisfied partnering with PixelCrayons.

PixelCrayons is a prominent name in India, the US and the UK. It took birth in 2004 and has been engaged in outsourcing IT solutions since then. Having won the certifications like ISO and NASSCOM and the awards like Google Adwords Individual, PixelCrayons has also won the hearts of many owners of startups and SMEs over the years, including mine.

PixelCrayons provides the solutions for:

1. Ecommerce
2. Front-end engineering
3. CMS development
4. Mobile web application development(recently launched)

The cost of PixelCrayons’ ecommerce solutions is indeed reasonable as compared to other e-commerce solutions provider – one of the reasons behind my decision to choose it. The services include customization, open source implementation and digital storefront management. I chose the first one back in 2007. When I first conversed with its team member, he averred something that made me fall for the company – not immediately though. I don’t exactly remember his words, but they were something like: “sir, we won’t give you any fake commitments and will value the trust you’ll be putting on us. And we’ll do everything in our reach to keep you happy and make you come back to us again and again.” And the best part about this was that as we went along, the company did stand upto these words and I did go (and am still going) back to them repeatedly.

Let’s rewind a bit! That time I decided to initiate an ecommerce business, envisioning its bright future, and PixelCrayons was my first outsourcing partner – and the last one. After choosing the customized e-comm solutions, the team at PixelCrayons first figured out all my business objectives and what exactly do I want in my website. It came back to me with a plenty of recommendations – some were the must-haves for the hyper-competitive business world of today and the other were some out-of-the-tank things that i could do to flourish my ebusiness right from the word go. I was very excited about this new venture for all the right reasons – my vision, my enthusiasm, my business plan, PixelCrayons’ web expertise and more.

After PixelCrayons completed my assignment, it kept in touch – lest i encounter some problems. I was glad, I didn’t encounter any. In fact, many of my customers appreciated the user-friendliness of the website and its well-thought-out architecture.

My business literally took a flight after that and i had become one of the most sought-after e-comm stores in the US. And today, I’m proud to state and acknowledge the fact that had PixelCrayons not been there, I would probably have not been where i am today.

Not knowing much about PixelCrayons’ CMS and front-end engineering solutions, as I never found any need for them, I recently heard about the company’s launch of mobile solutions, with a redesigned website.

If you have availed any of PixelCrayons’ services, it will be great share that below.

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Dave Watson is the CEO of a reputed US-based e-comm store. The author is PixelCrayons’ regular client and gives this company a significant credit for the success of his e-business.

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  • Reading about PixelCrayons I had a premonition that I would get the best services when I avail them. True to their words, I was amazed to see the professionalism and the amount of patience and endurance they showed towards me and my project.

  • Although i love many things about pixelcrayons but one thing that impresses me the most about them is the on time-delivery of projects. I never have to face any problem in my work because of any late deliveries. I love this thing about them.

  • Honestly speaking, if pixelcrayons would not have been there to help and guide me, my store would not have seen such a tremendous success phase. They are truly amazing and i love working with them.

  • Worked with Pixelcrayons many times and always found them reliable, they have an experienced and professional team of developers that can provide superb markup service that too in a quick turnaround time.

  • It is always a pleasurable experience working with the expert team of Pixelcrayons. Their team of professional developers is always there to assist us and resolve all the issues. They provide superb service!!

  • I am working with pixelcrayons for about 3 years now and i have never seen such a committed company ever before and that’s the reason why i am still working with them and i count myself in the list of happy clients of pixelcrayons.

  • I give all the credits for the success of my e-commerce store to pixelcrayons as they did a fantastic job with my store and today it is seeing a success phase.

  • Wow, so many positive reviews about Pixelcrayons.. I am surely going to give them my next project. I always saw and heard positive review about this company so I think they are highly qualified and talented

  • We are 100% satisfied with Pixelcrayons service

    Their services are really authentic and appreciable, not because this was our first successful project with them but we have a list of successful projects. Our latest shopping cart project was the true example of their victory. Kudos to such amazing team

  • I am planning to build an online store and i have heard a lot about pixelcrayons, plus i can see a great feedback for this company. Hence, i am eagerly looking forward to try their services now.

  • I have had an amazing experience working with such a dedicated company pixelcrayons. they offer high quality services and provide excellent customer support as well. Believe me pixelcrayons is a promising company.

  • Start outsourcing your website design and go for Pixelcrayons. I used this company to build my website and they were great. I just send them the Psd files and they sent me the complete site all built in the way I wanted it and in a very short span of time.

  • I am thinking to open an e-commerce store and i have heard a lot about this company pixelcrayons. I would definitely like to try their services once.

  • The only reason that my e-commerce store saw a success phase is because of pixelcrayons. Their team’s hardwork and efforts that they put in to complete my project on time with outstanding services is commendable.

  • Pixelcrayons has a great team to work with. We are associated for a long term a they always gave us superb results and I owe my ecommerce store success to this company. The Store is functioning great and even if we have any hitch, Pixelcrayons is always there to assist us.

  • Pixelcrayons are actually good service provider and they have an excellent customer support too. I was really impressed by their work and they are not even expensive.

  • I would also comment in the favor of pixelcrayons as they provided me also with high quality services and that too at a very reasonable price. Pixelcrayons was my first company that i chose for my assistance and it has been 3 years i am still working with them.

  • Pixelcrayons provide great services and the best thing i like about them is that they deliver the project on time. They never delay the delivery of the project unlike other companies.

  • I’ve used Pixelcrayons many times, and the end product is usually great. The process might be a little slow some times but the end results are so good and high quality that it does not matter for us.

  • Pixelcrayons seems to be quite a reputed, well-known and good company. I can see some pretty good feedbacks on this post. I wouldn’t mind trying their services.

  • I think pixelcrayons truly does an amazing job, they never disappoint their clients, they always reach up to the expectations of the clients, satisfy their needs and provide great customer support. This is the reason why people see a success phase in their business.

  • I would just like to thank pixelcrayons for all the efforts that they put in to complete my project on time. They are awesome at every damn thing.

  • I can see a huge fan list of pixelcrayons. Even i was recommended about this company by one of my friends and today i am seeing this post that caters a huge list of happy clients of pixelcrayons. I guess working with them can bring fruitful results to me in my business.

  • Updates of the success of my e-commerce store is what i am getting constantly. I thank pixelcrayons team for doing such a wonderful work.

  • Indeed, the price of pixelcrayons is quite reasonable and they provide outstanding services in such an affordable price.

  • pixelcrayons does a wonderful work every time i take their assistance. They always povide terrific services at an affordable price.

  • Some years back, i heard some clients praise pixelcrayons, and i thought of giving them a try. Today even i am one of those clients who praise pixelcrayons and recommend everybody to work with them.

  • Pixelcrayons developed a good website for our eCommerce store, their team was a superb assistance to all our needs and problems.

  • Teaming up with PixelCrayons has helped us a lot. It is the best outsourcing company when it comes to eCommerce development and it always acted as an extended team for all our development projects. I thank Pixelcrayons for meeting the quality and the timelines every time and I am glad to have found you as our team.

  • Pixelcrayons provide almost all the services that a client requires like, Ecommerce, Front-end engineering, CMS development, Mobile web application development. When one company offers all the required material then why to go anywhere else?

  • This story doesn’t surprise me as i have heard a lot about pixelcrayons and about the terrific services they offer. Whoever works with pixelcrayons will definitely experience the success phase.

  • Pixelcrayons has a team of dedicated professionals that offer outstanding services to their clients. Undoubtedly they have led many companies to the phase of success, that too at a very reasonable price. I am more then satisfied working with them.

  • I have worked only once with pixelcrayons but i would love to work with them more as i was really satisfied with their work.

  • Pixelcrayons always welcomed all my suggestions and ideas and gave their best shot to complete the work at short deadline…They always live up to our expectations and provided us with superb results

  • I have been working with pixelcrayons for about 2 years and i can say that pixelcrayons is a very reliable and committed company.Hats off to them.

  • I recommend Pixelcrayons as this company did a great job in my project. Their were some small hitches but all were resolved by their superb technical assistance . Kudos to team Pixelcrayons

  • Pixelcrayons is very famous for on time deliveries, high-quality conversion services, cross browser compatibility and a great customer support.On the whole pixelcrayons is a great company to work with.

  • Pixelcrayons association was very fruitful for my ecommerce website. They did a great job and my website saw quite a boost in search engine rankings

  • Quality CMS was a major concern for my website success. Pixelcrayons solved this problem by creating the perfect CMS platform for my eCommerce business.

  • After having a terrible experience with 2 companies, I then switched to pixelcrayons. They are reliable, and provide amazing quality of services. They come with reasonable and affordable price. What else do I need from a company? I am very happy to work with pixelcrayons.

  • To be honest, pixelcrayons is the reason behind the success of my e-commerce store. They did a mind blowing job to my store with outstanding services. I would say pixelcrayons is worth giving a try.

  • I have been working with pixelcrayons team for about 4 years now and it is the most reliable company i have worked with.They have never failed in accomplishing any task given to them by me.

  • One of my main concerns was the presence of a quality CMS platform to ensure online success of my ecommerce business and pixelcrayons helped me in solving this problem. They created the perfect online CMS platform for business management and I am highly satisfied with their work and dedication..

  • Working with pixelcrayons have given me fruitful results. My e-commerce store is now seeing a successful phase. Thanks to pixelcrayons!

  • Great work done by PixelCrayons Team.. High quality design, cross browser compatibility and fast turnaround time has just made me consider them again and again for website designing. I have already recommended PixelCrayons in my network for some designing requirements and would like to share here as well..

  • I’m a big fan of pixelcrayons now. My e-commerce store has seen a great growth after I took assistance of pixelcrayons. I feel lucky to work with them.

  • I’m going to start my own Ecommerce store soon.So for that I’m looking for service providers who develops online store.
    As I have heard many good things about pixelcrayons, so surely gonna give this company a try for my project.

    Dave! Thanks for sharing your working experience with pixelcrayons here. This review is going to help those looking to build their own online store.

  • This is a very nice post. Even i have heard a lot about pixelcrayons, moreover i can see a big list of happy clients.

  • It seems pixelcrayons have impressed a lot of people with their wonderful services. I am one of their happy customers. Will work with them in the future also.

  • I can relate my story exactly with this post as my E-Commerce store is also seeing a phase of success. All thanks to pixelcrayons team for doing such an outstanding work.

  • pixelcrayons is the reason behind the success of my Ecommerce store..They provided us a great support whenever we faced any technical issue. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build an online store.

  • I would prefer working with pixelcrayons too because they have a very hardworking team and they do their best to reach up to the client’s expectations.

  • This is a very nice post and all the qualities mentioned about pixelcrayons are true. i am also very satisfied with their work and i wish to see myself working with them in future as well. I hope pixelcrayons wishes the same.

  • Pixelcrayons did a great job for my e-commerce store, really appreciate their dedication and efficiency…Kudos!

  • My business seen outstanding growth after we got associated with team pixelcrayons, They have done marvelous job…

  • Constant updates about the development status of my website through Dedicated and Oriented professionals was what I wanted…I have been using e-commerce solutions and CMS development services of the company and I am more than satisfied with their support….

  • I have worked with pixelcrayons a lot of times and they deliver amazing services everytime. Kudos to pixelcrayons team!

  • Associating with Pixelcrayons was our best outsourcing experience…The service pixelcrayons provide is unbeatable at their price point..

  • I have heard a lot about pixelcrayons but never got an opportunity to work with them. This time i am looking forward to work with them as i am thinking to open an online store.

  • My friend recommended me about pixelcrayons and i am thankful to him for recommending me such a great company.

  • Pixelcrayons worked wonders for my e-commerce store..My visitors and clients are so much satisfied and praised us many time for user friendly interface all credit goes to Pixelcrayons

  • Hardworking and dedicated staff, outstanding services, on time delivery, everything that you need for your project, pixelcrayons does it for you. Very happy to be one of their clients.

  • I had given a fixed date for pixel crayons to finish with my website project and to my surprise they completed the project on time with excellent work. very impressed by them!

  • We needed to launch our online store quickly and were able to do it in time. Thanks PixelCrayons team for that and I look forward to work with them in future.

  • Well I have been associated with the development team for my website at PixelCrayons for more than an year now. The team is really professional and dedicated towards delivery of the services within the stipulated time.

    Recently I have taken help from their CMS development team and I am really satisfied with their work…


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