Pick the Perfect Magento Extensions for Roaring eBusiness Sales

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Today, online businesses have almost outclassed traditional commerce. Buying products via online takes less time and physical efforts compared to buying them physically in a retail store. It is one of the reasons that has helped online businesses grow exceedingly. The growing demand from customers has forced many companies to set up online stores to meet their expectations and demands. As the proverb goes “make hay while the Sun shines,” many are attempting to woo customers with their lucrative websites showcasing array of products for sale. Well, everything is fine about setting up an online store; but, merely establishing a website is never going to help your business grow or earn reputation online.

Setting up an online store never guarantees any profit unless it has the potential to meet the customer needs. What exactly is required in today’s world to convince visitors to become buyers? In fact, there are two ways to achieve this; one by socializing your website and other by offering a stress-free shopping experience to your customers. However, without the assistance of Magento extensions both the options turn out to be unworthy.
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Significance of Magento Extensions

As the name suggests, expanding and extending the functionalities of any business is quite easy on using Magento extensions. The outdated website with traditional development is no longer going to do any good for business. Transform the existing outdated website to an incredibly fascinating one using the perfect Magento extensions. Remember, a website with user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate features appeals more to customers compared to an outdated one. Customers are true assets to any business and living up to their expectations is the solicit way to improve your online business. So, identify the perfect extensions that well suits your business needs to come up with compelling sales.

Socializing Online Store

With a wide range of visitors across various parts of the world, social media are powerful tools capable of delivering high-quality output for any online business. How to socialize an online store? Is there any extensions available for this purpose would be your next question. Well, in fact connecting your website with Facebook is quite easy with the help of an extension labeled “Magento Facebook app.” This website helps you establish an online store on the Facebook page. Imagine the kind of exposure to your products stalled on the Facebook page! You don’t have to put in any hard efforts to promote your products, as they get easily promoted due to the Facebook exposure. Hope you know the influence of a “like” or “recommend” from a visitor for any particular product in Facebook. On integrating your online store with the Facebook, achieving a tremendous traffic to your website is never impossible. To sum up, adding your website with social media sites like Facebook using the extension Magento Facebook app is proved to worthy by all means.

Simplifying Registration Process

Well, once your online store starts to receive a huge volume of traffic, getting the best out of it is more important. For instance, your shopping cart should be highly feasible and easy-to-use to convert all the leads reaching to your website into potential customers. There is no point in driving traffic to a website which doesn’t hold any user-friendly features. Especially, customers are hesitant to fill registration forms while signing up. To put an end to this persistent problem, simplify the sign up page using the “Social Login” extension for Magento. It allows the customers to sign in to the website using any of the social media login details for Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. Customers love easy and time-saving ways rather than confronting tedious steps while placing orders. Help customers experience a stress-free shopping and earn their trust effectively.

Bringing Down Checkout Complexity

A well-designed website with multipage checkout process will experience only low returns. It is a must to bring down the checkout process complexity to engage more customers to the website as well as to enable customers complete product purchases. Multipage checkout pages force customers to flip through pages even for a slightest modification of any details. It agonizes most customers forcing them to leave the customers instantly. It is not recommended to cater such an experience to visitors as it spreads wildly and brings disrepute to your site quickly. So, try to impress your customers with a single page checkout process allowing them to add, delete, or edit product details transparently. Cutting down the irrelevant and unwanted fields and details from the forms using the extension “One step checkout” assists the customers to fill in the forms quickly and buy their favorite products without any hassles and bustles. This extension automatically updates the information about the city, country during the process of shipment. No wonder it saves considerable amount of time of the costumers and help them complete their product purchase with ease.

Pick the Best Extensions

The Magento extensions one step checkoutsocial login, and magento facebook app discussed above are perfect choices for any online business as they are quite easy to set up, install and execute. In addition, they don’t cost on the higher side. So, offer your customers unforgettable shopping experience using the high-quality Magento extensions discussed in this article. Transforming your ordinary-looking website to a money-making one becomes absolutely easy with the help of these powerful extensions. Use the extensions to offer your customers a convenient, high-quality and better representation of all your products to skyrocket your business sales.

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