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Magento Speed
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Speed is the ultimate solution to measure the performance of any online Magento store. If it is slow then the rate of traffic will decrease to a great extent as people will just not use it. Whether you have excellent products, less prices, provide discounts, most beautiful interface, provide cash on delivery option, no will go through these features if it takes forever to load. They will go away. So you have to work for the enhancements of your website performance to make your web project a success.

Online business marketing is much more effective because it can be completed in less time with more traffic to focus on. If you have an online business then you must meet the requirements of your customers and they expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. According to the researches made it is seen that the websites which takes more than 3 seconds to load, almost half of the customers abandon it and 80% of them will never come back increasing the bounce rate factor for your website pages.


Factors you must care for any online business to run :-

1. Bad Performance leads to bad business :-


In an online Magento store or service websites the main motto of the business owners is the conversions of traffic into leads. So it is obvious that page loading time has direct impact on the customer conversions, customer satisfaction, on sales and in the bottom line. According to the research on online business marketing it is found that 1 second of delay in page loading results in 7% less conversions. For example :- Amazon discovered that their 100ms latency costs them 1% of loss in the total revenue. Moreover more traffic slows down the websites.

2. Websites are getting fatter day by day :-

Fatter websites

Each and every year websites are getting much more complexed. Most of them aims for bigger screens and images which is the main reason of the websites getting fatter. Now a day 60% of the page weight consist of images.

3. Increased use of Smartphones, tablets etc :-


Screens of the websites are getting bigger but it is also true that they are getting smaller at the same time. It is because of the increased usage of Smartphones and tablets. Statistical records says that more than 55% of the total online traffic come from mobile. Moreover mobile users expect websites to load even faster than their desktop’s. It is much hard to achieve because of the network constraints. Bandwidth is not the main constraining factor in the era of 4G and 3G. The ‘devil’ is the Latency. Latency is the time required for a request to travel from browser to server and then come back to it.


Solutions of these issues :-

So we get to know about the fact that speed is much important as users expect website to load in 2 seconds. Speed is considered to be directly proportional to the conversion rates. It provides a strong ground to the competitive advantage :-

1. User Experience :-

User Experience

You must treat performance as a part of user experience design. First you have to make sure of your budget for it and plan for it in advance.

2. Content, Responsive web design and workflow :-

Responsive web design, Contents and Workflow

Content is the key towards website success. Think twice before selecting the content because it is much important to determine what deserves to be on the screen. Moreover the performance gets benefited from mobile first approach. So the baseline mobile experience must be on the top of your concern which can be enhanced with a media query cascade which starts from a small screen and adapts its size as the size of the screen goes bigger.

3. Performance budget :-

Performance budget

Performance budget is based on page weight, requests and loading time. If you want to add something to your web pages then make sure it doesn’t exceeds the budget. If this happens then there are three options :-

a) Optimize the existing feature or the assets on the page
b) Remove an existing feature or the asset of the page
c) Don’t add any asset or new features to your webpage

4. Optimize :-


The prime goals of of your website’s optimization are :-

a) Must reduce file sizes
b) Must reduce the http request
c) Reduce the latency
d) Have to optimize critical rendering path

You can also use responsive Magento templates to optimize your website design to focus more traffic into your website.

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  • All these issues are gon’na be fixed in Magento 2. It will provide an excellent flexible platform for e-Commerce store. :)

  • Yes. We readers are very impatient to wait and read the stuffs of websites and blogs. I thik optimizing and coding is the ultimate things to be done to fix these issues.


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