Necessity of a Clean Markup

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With the changes in the web world, we need to evolve and imbibe the new approaches. The pressures of meeting the deadlines for delivering each requirement are increasing day by day. Each client wants his project to be delivered yesterday and make your work smoother helps you to meet that aggressive deadline. A clean markup is very useful as time and money saving web standard.

Clean markup technology is standard compliant which bespoke the tags and structures of the language according to the purpose. This user-friendly markup sieves the irrelevant information and retains the useful matter. Also, with a clean markup, you can avoid unnecessary attributes like inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This further keeps the document organized and structured. It is standard compliant and this helps your pages to validate laid out by W3C for HTML, CSS and XML. Till 100% error-free document is not achieved, W3C validator keeps on testing and correcting.

While mobile browsing is increasing, clean markup is extensible with XHTML which helps to facilitate ease of search on your mobile. The assistive technology with alternate interface devices for the physically challenged individuals increases the accessibility of such individuals.

A clean markup just works on simple mechanism and increases content-to-markup ratio. The crawlers visiting your webpage stay on the page for a few seconds, hence, the first 100 words must be the most powerful in your content. Therefore, getting rid of unnecessary and incorrect coding helps the crawler to navigate through the page conveniently. Using valid, semantic, lean and clean markup sets high standards of accessibility and extensibility.

Once your project becomes live, it becomes accessible to everybody and there are chances of the content being translated into other languages. Thankfully, with internet archives and Google Cache those pages would still float on the web even after the page is withdrawn from a live site. Therefore, clean markups constantly guard the sites and ensure proper working. Hence, a well formulated document is generally a result of a clean markup.


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