Mobile Web Design, Native App Or Both?

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As a business owner, it can be very difficult to decide how and where to spend your marketing budget. More and more business owners are directing larger portions of their marketing budgets to digital marketing activities and strategies; and understandably so, after all, digital marketing is cost effective, highly targeted and measurable.

Advertising Budget
While many business owners feel comfortable allocating amounts of the marketing budget to website updates, blog posts and articles and even social media management, many business owners are unsure how their digital marketing funds should support a suitable (and sensible) mobile strategy.

Incorporating Smartphones and Mobile Devices Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Smartphones and mobile devices (such as tablets) have dramatically changed how customers interact with the internet and how they engage with businesses.

Incorporating Smartphones and Mobile Devices Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It is absolutely essential that you carefully consider smartphones and mobile devices as part of your digital marketing strategy and activities, as both the time spent online via a smartphone and the number of purchases made via a smartphone are on the rise.

However, how do you invest in a mobile strategy, and which mobile solution is right for you?

Don’t Believe the Hype

Most mobile marketers will try to convince you that your business (and customers) need both a mobile web design (also known as a responsive web design) and a mobile app, in order to succeed.

Don’t Believe the Hype
These people will try to tell you that a mobile app is like ‘putting your business in the pockets of your customers’, and while this may sound great, the reality is that most businesses do not need to invest in a mobile app, and a well conceived mobile web design and mobile strategy is by far the most advantageous solution to both you and your customers.

Why Your Business Doesn’t Need to Invest in a Mobile App

While the iPhone and iPad market is in decline, the Android share of the mobile market is on the rise. Even though Gingerbread, an Android OS, is nearly 3 years old, and despite the release of not one but two recent OS systems (Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich) Gingerbread still holds the lion’s share of the Android user market.
Gingerbread devices are extremely limited in storage space, and as such users regularly have to juggle app space on their device. The apps that get to stay are ones that users use daily, Facebook, Twitter and other personal apps. There’s no room for commercial apps on the Gingerbread device.
Why Your Business Doesn't Need to Invest in a Mobile App
And room isn’t just the issue. People don’t want to be interacting with a million different businesses through apps on their phone. Their phone is a functional device, yes, but it is also a fun device. Too many corporate apps will take the fun out of functionality.

Most users are more than happy to engage with a business online through their phone, providing that the company they want to engage with has a robust easy to use mobile version of their website.

Unless your business is leisure based, don’t try to split your mobile marketing budget between an app and a mobile version of your site, and instead invest all of it on a robust and user friendly mobile website.

This is a guest post by Alexandra Seremina who works with Azoft – a mobile development company.

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