Make Your Website Friendly For Users And Search Engine Both

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Major search engines like Google and yahoo give high ranks to some pages even if they talk about the same issue. The algorithms to decide the rankings play a very important role. But it has a positive effect also, the web pages that are highly ranked attract huge amount of traffic. All thanks to the website structure and search engine optimization techniques. There are various activities that count under search engine optimization, optimizing the headlines is one of them. Making good headlines is important for both users and search engine’s point of view.

Keep these points in mind while deciding about the headlines for the pages. These will help you get maximum ranking by Google and huge attention by the net surfers as well. The process of getting top ranks is cyclic, the more visitors you get for your website, the more chances to get highly indexed by Google. But, Google is the one who enables you to be visible to the internet users and share your products and services with the audience.


1. Headlines For Google Are Different

There is a huge difference between an attractive article headline and a headline for Google. The article headline entices the visitors to stay on the page and read more, while the headline is meant for Google indexing. As Google is not a human, he does not understands the normal language. The headline should be search engine optimized and perfect for Google to understand easily. Sometimes, a popular keyword can make an excellent heading, which might help you top the search engine rankings.

2. Use Different Headlines For Pages And Articles

headlines are the first and foremost thing noticed by the viewers and the search engine crawlers. An article title can be mysterious or unclear, while title of the page has to be clear and describes what the page is all about. A page with unclear headline will go unnoticed, thus the title should be descriptive in order to get high SEO ranking. A nice article with a great title will get indexed easily and read by the visitors of the website. Using different headlines for the pages and articles is really important to avoid confusion.

3. Add Meta Descriptions

Apart from the headline of the article, a short description is required to let the search engines know brief about the topic and subject of the page. You have to enter the details while maintaining a great balance between the Google desirability and users attention. Meta description is what you need to show to Google to drive traffic towards your website. Filling the gap and understanding the machine and human mind is much more to optimize the headline for the both.

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