Infographic: Visual Representations of WordPress

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Graphic Visual Representations of any type of information, data or knowledge is known as Infographic or information graphics. Visual representations are done in the form of signs, maps, technical writing, and graphs for presenting the convoluted information quickly and clearly. This graphical presentation is one of the best ways that helps people in grasping any complex information easily and hastily whenever it is needed.

With an Infographic, statisticians, scientist, computer scholars and mathematicians develop and communicate their ideas, perception using a single symbol to process information. In the same way, WordPress Infographic is Information graphics presenting facts, figures and power of WordPress. WordPress is the popular blogging platform used across the globe by the number of users and that too because this CMS software is both free and priceless at the same time.

Therefore, in this post, we have summed up best WordPress Infographic that will help you in knowing more about WordPress. So don’t wait!! Simply Scroll down to see outstanding examples of WordPress Infographic…

WordPress by Jazz Legends, An Infographic About the WP History


The Prolific WordPress


The Power of WordPress


The Anatomy of a WordPress theme

2-min vs


Must Have Plugins for WordPress


Ultimate Guide to Upgrade WordPress for Beginners


WordPress 3.1: New Improved Formula


Which Blogging Platform Should You Use?


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