How To Use Custom Fonts in WordPress

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Do you need to add custom fonts in your WordPress? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly come to the right place. In this blog pose we are about to tell you to use custom fonts in your WordPress.
A custom font or custom fonts can help you freshen up your overall theme and you’re your blog or WP website standout among the crowd. Here we will discuss how to add custom fonts in WP utilizing the Google fonts, Type kit and CSS3 at the rate of font-face method.
Using custom fonts not only help your WP theme fantastic but your visitors get attracted reading your blog or article post on your website.

Why Use Custom Font on Your WordPress Theme
Using custom fonts in WP has become one of the most popular trends. Even, there are some themes that offer custom fonts. Moreover, loading many, many fonts can slow down your site, so you should bear in mind one important thing, you should not use those fonts that you are not going to use, only use those fonts are ready to use only.
Due to the reason we are about to show you how to use or load custom fonts, so it does not slow down your website and at the same time improve your site’s visibility.

How to Find Custom Fonts that You Use On Your WP Theme
But prior to look at how to use custom fonts in your WP theme, let us finding the custom fonts that is appropriate for your website. Fonts that are used to be expensive but not anymore, there are many different places to seek the great free web fonts, some of the prominent names are Google Fonts, Type kit, Font Squirrel and
Whether you do not know how to mix as well as match the fonts, they you should try font pair. It not only helps designers pair but also helps make beautiful Google fonts together.

What to Know While Picking up the Fonts
When you decided to use custom fonts, you should bear in mind one thing, using many different custom fonts may slow down your website or blog. This is the reason you should choose two fonts and utilize them throughout your design process. This will surely bring consistency on your design. There are many videos available on YouTube. You can take a look how to use them.
Though, Google font is no other than a great free resource to add beautiful typography in your web design projects. If you are a WordPress user you can use Google fonts on your websites.

This is as easy as you think, just simply visit the Google fonts library and choose the font you like to use on your website. Now you can click the quick use button below the font to make the font active.
Using fonts whether from Google fonts library, Type kit and CSS3 or others are a bit same kind of, just you need to know which font you are using and whether the font is good for your website or blog or not. As said you can use font or more, but keep in mind that many fonts can slow down your website speed. It is suggest you use 1 font that you like to use on your WP theme.

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