How to Create a Drupal Shopping Cart Website With Ubercart?

How to Create a Drupal Shopping Cart Website With Ubercart
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Ubercart is a fantastic e-commerce open source shopping cart which completely integrates your online store with the Drupal whereas Drupal is one of the best open source option with content management system in the market. This is one of the best combinations for online shopping website covering product, selling access, file download and many more facilities.

Now let’s start the steps required to set up the online shop.

Step 1

Set the Goal. Our goal is to set up the system which will allow customers to purchase the product along with other facilities.

Step 2

Required Additional modules – Ubercart, Views, Token, Entity, Rules. These modules can be downloaded from

Step 3

We already have ready-made solution for e-commerce shop called “hUbercart”. To begin using Ubercart:

  • Download and install the required modules from its project page according to your needs.
  • In order to get the best functionality with performance from Ubercart, install and enable the required dependency modules and the Ubercart.

Once get done with installation process, start enabling following Ubercart modules:

  • Core section modules: Store, Product, Order, and Cart.
  • Core Optional modules: Product attributes, File downloads, Catalog etc.
  • If required enable the extra section: Stock and Product kit.

Payment method and module: PayPal, Credit card, and Test Gateway modules.

Enable CURL PHP extension for PayPal checkout payment. To perform this task, ask hosting company to enable CURL extension in the php.ini file. Or if you have access to the php.ini file, open the file and leave uncomment CURL extension to enable it. Save this php.ini file and restart the web server.

Check PHP info via Drupal status report to see the PHP CURL extension is enabled or not.

Step 4

Now enable the main modules configuration page by enabling the enable option: Cart, Order, Product, and Store.

Step 5

Enable the core optional module as per your requirement: Catalog, File downloads, Payment, Product attributes.

Step 6

Ubercart also installs the new menu item called “Store”, next to the Dashboard in the Admin menu bar. Options includes: Orders: View, Create and Search, Customers: View and Search, Products: View, Find, Manage, File download etc.

Step 7

You will notice the warning message about the issue with Drupal install. Click on the status report link which asks you to enable credit card encryption.

To use Ubercart for payment process:

  • Set up an encryption location for credit card data.
  • Go to credit card security link; under basic setting; enable the Test Gateway.

  • Go to Security setting tab for card number encryption setting and create the folder at the root level of MAMP keys.
  • Click at PayPal Website payment pro tab, now disable the gateway. Click the Test Gateway tab and enable it for use.
  • Click on the credit card setting and leave the default setting. Under the customer message, you can leave the message for the customer in case of credit card failure during transaction process. Click Save configuration for saving the settings.

Step 8

As payment process is already set up with Test gateway enabled. Let’s move to Ubercart configuration.

Edit configuration settings

By clicking on the store link, it allows you to configure several options which basically show how information on the site will be displayed with some basic contact information. How to create a Drupal Shopping Cart Website with Ubercart?

To edit the particular setting for a section, click on that section and configure the required settings. Click on the store setting page where you can update the store’s name, store’s address, fax number, e-mail address, phone number and owner of the store.

Customize the currency format setting according to the location of your store. You can also show the store’s help page where you can provide the help information. You can do this by simply creating the new page in Drupal and alias it.

Click the save configuration setting button to save these settings.

Step 9

Configure Ubercart user’s permission: Click on the User management and roles. Click to Add roles for finishing the role.

Now click on edit permission link to define the permission of the role. Ubercart includes many sections of permission: Catalog, Credit card, File download, etc.

Step 10

Ubercart also gives core block module also, it will help customer to see their ordered item and check out.

This is an example to demonstrate how to create a Drupal Shopping Cart Website with Ubercart. You can add more functionality and customize your settings as per your requirement.

Author Bio: This post is contributed by David Dutton. He  is a writer/marketer who loves to write on technologies and is working with ValueCoders, a Web/mobile development firm, through which you can hire Drupal programmers. One can hire WordPress developer here, too.


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