Drupal 8: Is it Mobile all the Way

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Innovations, new releases and a whole lot of build-up just before the release of something ecstatic is what lures me and Drupal 8 is one such CMS that has caught my fancy. Though it is expected to get launched by the end of 2013, the speculative build-up is getting to the nerves of developers working on the platform. Inclusions of all sorts are being thought of making an appearance in the latest release.

What keeps me intriguing is the fact whether the recent outburst of mobile and device compatibility factor will be properly adhered to by the experienced team of developers? There have been innumerable success stories of WordPress on desktops that the CMS can boast of. But, the scenario of CMS’s on mobile devices still has a long way to go. Drupal 8 should invade this territory and scale great heights.

What’s New?

Drupal 8 will be bigger and have a mobile inclined user-interface that will mark some remarkable changes when compared to the previous version. Drupal 7 was not mobile-centric or mobile-friendly either and though there were some modules that did cater to this task, covering all the cases was impossible for the version.

Other mentionable features that will make a commendable impact are app integration, inclusion of compulsory HTML5 elements, support for responsive design and management of the mobile devices. Though these are speculations, at this stage, implementation would do wonders. The fingers are crossed and the moment is just awaited for the release.

Responsive is What Keeps it in Demand

Web designers are not only looking forward to this feature, but are also making it a part of their default setting. It has become so regular and practical in use that responsive has become a generic term and can be replaced by just Web design. The developing team is aware of this turn around and is looking forward to have the incorporated default themes to be completely responsive.

Compatibility across all platforms is a major issue that is revamped in Drupal 8 and this shifts the attention to a mobile-first approach.

Being Mobile-Friendly is Omni-Present

Content producers have shifted their focus of publishing from any device that is present in front. From the desktops to the laptops and now from tablets and mobile devices, the scenario has changed and that too fast. Drupal 8 looks to cater to this area and the fact that it can be managed via mobile devices.

Drupal 7 had some inconsistencies when it came to providing support for the mobile and this resulted in Drupal losing a chunk of its popularity. It’s a long road ahead of the Drupal community and a lots at stake. The actual reformation required with the administrative tools is on Dashboard, Overlay, Shortcut modules and the Contextual links. All this adhered to, there’s no stopping Drupal 8.

Speed- A Fact

One of the most important factors that decides the fate when it comes to web design. Visitors tend to dread a site that is slow and thus tend to stay away. Even search engine ranking results tend to shove such websites. Mobile browsing is the trend these days and the availability of 4G outside North America is hardly noticeable. All this further adds to the need of front-end speed. Other factors that should be catered to are the download speeds, improving the page analysis and performance levels of JavaScript. All these amalgamated are more important for Drupal 8 to stay in the race.

When is It Arriving?

A lot’s being speculated about the release date, but a tentative one has been announced to be the 13th September, 2013. The community is providing a great opportunity to developers to become a part of this revolutionary CMS by getting in ideas from them on what to include. The process is engaging and caters to the queries faced ad-hoc.

Wrapping up

Will Drupal 8 configure all the speculations that are being made, way in advance or come up with something much better. The rise and fall depends on the perception of the community and the way they take ahead its formation.

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