Circumstances to Consider while Selecting PSD to Magento Service Provider

Circumstances to Consider while Selecting PSD to Magento Service Provider
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When thinking about developing a multi-functional and effective e-commerce website, a lot of developers turn to their image making software such as Adobe Photoshop to produce layouts of what the entire website would look like in terms of presentation of the home page, shopping cart, checkout page, contact us page, etc. And when the Photoshop Document or PSD is already done and completed, developers would then turn to different service providers to convert these Photoshop Documents into a CSS, HTML or XHTML format to use to the e-commerce website.
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Now when talking about powerful, fluid and effective e-commerce website service provider, there are a lot of different names that come into the minds of developers. Anyone can try them all, see which one is more effective that the other, or they can just choose to decide to use one that has been so much effective and has stood the tests of time. This service provider is called Magento. And below are some of the circumstances to consider on selecting PSD to Magento services provider.


Reporting and Analytic

One of the best things about Magento is that it enables its users, whether an actual web developer or not, to fully view the website’s full history of statistics in terms of number of visitors, full actual revenue, shipping, quantity, tax, and a whole lot of things when it comes to the e-commerce site. When you have a system that does all of this for you, it is not that hard to maintain a good e-commerce site as well as point out and max out on your strengths and work on your website’s weaknesses.

Customer Service

Even the so called experts in the world of e-commerce website development, would need a reliable customer service to go to when things would seem to get out of hand or just fully go south. Magento’s open source trait makes it possible for hundreds and thousands of Magento service providers to provide excellent customer service whenever possible.

W3C Compliant

Another thing to consider when thinking about using a Magento service provider for your e-commerce website is that it adheres and complies to the World Wide Web Consortium or also known as W3C, the organization responsible for setting up the standards of content being placed on the internet. So when you choose to have Magento as your website’s service provider, you can be sure that it sticks to the standard and quality that W3C provides.

Catalog Management

With Magento, you can also manage your e-commerce website’s catalogs for record keeping purposes. Different items can be categorized to different labels such as imports, exports and other different labels as well. This allows efficient management of your e-commerce website to avoid confusion and delays of your products.

Product Browsing

Perhaps one of Magento’s most coveted features is its product browsing. With this feature, you can place PSD’s of your product with varying angles to further describe the item. It also enables the user to zoom in on any area on the product image for further inspection before purchasing. It also gives way to other product browsing such as reviews, stock availability, etc.

Search Engine Friendly

Another feature of using Magento for your website is the ability to be found on the first few pages of frequently used search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With different SEO or Search Engine Optimizations strategies available for Magento, the possibilities of your company’s e-commerce website to be featured on the first few pages of these search engines as sky high.

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