Blogging on the Go Made Easier With WordPress iOS7 App

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iOS 7 is the latest mobile operating system released by Apple Inc. It is a users’ bliss, as it offers a great user experience streamlining both function and form. It has a clean interface, which comes without any clutter and is intuitive and colorful at the same time. Apple fans were eagerly waiting for this new version, as the update was announced earlier this year and users wanted to refresh the WordPress mobile app on their iPhones.

For the first time, WordPress and Apple integrated in a much simpler way, through this app. It is fun to use the WordPress app for iOS 7. After this update, the mobile app design has become much similar to the WordPress dashboard. The features that attract an iPhone user include a colorful navigation bar and a host of Apple like icons, which are arranged in accordance with the distinct WordPress style.


The font chosen for the app is Open Sans, which is suitable for and is open source as well. The selection of colors in the new update gives the app a fresh and bright feel. The bugs have been removed, so that the new app brings cheerfulness, consistency and intuitive experience.

Apple is also working upon some future versions of the WordPress app, which would include a theme selector. To facilitate blogging and posting on the go, the visual editor would be revamped. A new update is also being planned for iPad, which would streamline the screen interface.

Review of new WordPress iOS 7 App

Way back in 2010, when this app was still in its infancy, it was difficult to form a connection between the app and the WordPress dashboard. The redesign of the WordPress dashboard is innovative and futuristic. It makes it more flat, removing all volume styles. The new design is not only simpler, but much cleaner also. The user interface design team of Apple is in the right direction.

However, it has been felt that some of the not so useful features from the older version of iOS have been brought into the newer version also. The updated version of operating system has a new look and feel, because since 2007, when it was first introduced, only a few minor tweaks and changes had taken place. Developers have tried hard to bring the new look and feel in iOS 7 and make it a user-friendly app.

According to the critics, the size of the images in the post can correctly be managed through some inbuilt functions. There is no arrangement in the new version to project or resize the featured image. The bottom bar could be improved to include this feature. The interface also asks for the size of the featured image, where it should have been handled by theme code.

In the new version, in order to see an image, you have to go inside the settings section, even if it is a featured image related to the post. It would easily have been managed in the edit screen using the bottom bar, which is a more convenient option. There are several options of posting in the new version, such as fast photo post, normal post format and image post format.

The main difference lies in the theme of new version. Generally, each entry is shown in a different template, but if you’re trying to edit the post with the featured image, the image is not found in the editor. It is normal, but to have a good mobile experience, it is desired. There is no noticeable difference between fast photo post and image post format, so, what is the significance of having these two formats? If you want fast publishing, the user should be allowed to see the content and not its coded format as it is very difficult to edit code on the screen size of a smart phone.

The app is ready for download from the App Store, so that you can start right now and blog on the go.

Go to, go to the mobile apps page and find the WordPress apps for different platforms.

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