Best Tools And Tutorials for HTML5 Designers and Developers

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Web designers and developers hardly get time to learn and improve their HTML5 skills while working on their projects. Here, in today’s round up, we like to share some HTML5 tools and tutorials to help them ease their tasks and get to know more about the advance functionality. Our main motive is to inspire the web designers and developers in pushing the standards of development process. Avoiding the use of flash in website designing has given a new break for this technology.

Enlisted below are some of the best HTML5 tools that can prove to be very useful for the web designers and developers. Go through our collection and let us know which one did you like the most.

The HTML5 Test

The HTML5 Test is a useful tool that indicates whether your browser supports the latest HTML5 standard and its specifications or not.

Font Dragr – Drag and Drop Font Testing

A tool that supports dragging and dropping to test custom fonts in the browser, This tool do not require coding and uploading, It’s easy to go.

Patternizer – Stripe Pattern Generator Tool

It is easy to generate patterns through this tool. Patternizer is fun tool to get different stripe patterns.

HTML5 File Upload With progress

This tool solves the problem of uploading files , it shows the progress of the files being uploaded on the web.


An HTML5 templates generator tool that generates new and clean customizable templates to help you start with new projects based on HTML5 Boilerplate.

HTML5 Tutorials

HTML5 Layout

In this tutorial, you will get to know how to design an HTML5 from scratch(coding).

Design & code an iPhone app website in HTML5

In this tutorial, you will lean how to build a cool iPhone app website in HTML5, this includes visual styling along with CSS3 effects.

Build a Neat HTML5 powered contact form

This tutorial would help you create a classy HTML5 AJAX powered contact form with HTML5 input elements and attributes. You can use jQuery and Modernizer to help out with the older browsers and PHP for server to validate the input. All the elements will be validates using browser’s built-inform validation.

Have a field day with HTML5 forms

Styling a beautiful HTML5 form can be done using advance CSS and latest CSS3 techniques, After reading this tutorial, hopefully you would try styling your forms.

Build a Blog Page using HTML5 and CSS3

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a blog page using HTML5 and CSS3. This tutorial elaborates the creation of websites when all the specifications are made and browser vendors have implemented the same. If you have a know-how of HTML and CSS, it would be easy to build a blog.

We hope you liked our collection. Try them on your own and feel free to share your experience with us.

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