Best CSS Techniques to Improve Your Web Typography

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Designing of a website should support enhanced experience of visitors. Lots of techniques are used to for improving the readability statistics. Typography is one important element that makes a website highly readable and brings life to it. Some web designers use anti-paliasing tools to come up at desired results. CSS is a shortcut used by any professional web design company to make typography as per users’ expectations without any difficulty.

Here are some useful techniques to optimize your typography in easy manner.

Pseudo Elements

You don’t have any need to spend time over selecting typography styles as lost of pseudo elements are available at CSS. You might have to waste your time in efforts otherwise simple to know the performing procedure.

First letter pseudo element provides convenience to bring changes in the very first letter of any character group. If your need is to bold each paragraphs first letter the, first letter pseudo element would be of great help without burdening your task.

First line pseudo elements include adjusting the properties to the first line of a paragraph as compared to first letter focused in first letter pseudo element.

Font Stacks – Select That Suit Your Design

Font stacks provide great support to select fonts that best suit your web design as same font doesn’t suit every website. These also help you when you lack necessary knowledge about what font is useful. It will become the default setup if there is no other font installed at your system.

Proper Line Height Improves Readability

Line height is one of the most important properties of CSS that increases the readability of a website if rightly used. Little line spacing will irritate the site users and lowers the conversion rate of any online business. For measuring line spacing, 150% of font size is a good criterion at CSS.

Font Face Dilemma

CSS has resolved the issue of certain font face present at system of some users and absent at others’. @font-face used in CSS is the favorite one among designers as it helps finding any font from your server to be used at your website. This @font-face enables you to choose any font without getting worried about users who may view your font or not. You need to assume that most of your targeted users would be able to see what you have on your website. Some of the fonts are licensed while some others are free to be used. The bad thing about these fonts is its inability of cross browser compatibility. More detailed coding is required to make the CSS working well.

CSS typography is for your help and to make the selection of fonts easy while enhancing the readability as well as viewership of your website.

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