An Exclusive Alternative to HTML+CSS: XML and HSS

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Are you looking for alternative to HTML+CSS? Do you want to know, what is the alternative? So, what are you waiting for!! Just scroll down to see…

Well, there is a project named as AXR (known as Arbitrary XML Rendering), whose main aim is to provide you with a superior alternative to HTML+CSS. It replaces HTML and CSS with XML (used for content) and HSS (a language inspired by CSS for designing purpose). However, HSS is a language derived from CSS, but it proffers many more innovative aspects such as modularization (code reuse), expressions, object orientation, rule nesting, references to other objects and so on.

The purpose of this AXR project is to create a new web standard for creating web applications and documents. And all this is done to make the life of web designers and developers trouble-free. The standard created here, will use text files: XML as a language used to construct the content and a new CSS i.e. HSS to instruct the renderer how to exhibit and interact with your document.

But here the question arises: How they create a demand for this technology so that browser makers espouse it? For this they had a plan; by providing so many cool, interesting features and streamlining the process of creating web documents – or in other words, making the lives of designers and developers so easy that they don’t go back to HTML and CSS.

Moreover, they had created a community website so that, they can provide a home to this project, which includes things like the specification, tutorials, namespace databases, feature descriptions, and many more.

Miro Keller stated that “You’re invited! Come over to and start contributing! We need web designers, front-end and back-end developers, typography experts, parser and compiler developers, computer graphics experts, mathematicians, evangelists… yes, even community managers!”

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