Top 8 Infographic Creation Tools

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21st century with IT discoveries in technology has led to magnificent inventions. IT itself has changed the way people work from home, remain updated and even order daily groceries while sitting home in their rocking chairs. With such advancement, marvels have been achieved in many industries especially in the designer’s arena. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and certainly Infographics are constantly being used from personal use to blogging and corporate deliveries. Infographics is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and easily. With numerous tools available on the web and in the market use of Infographics have become simple.

Following are some of the most simple yet effective tools for Infographics.

1. What about Me?

Automatically being updated on your Facebook “What About Me?” helps personalize and provides with colorful Infographics. Display your social media updates automatically from all the social networks. “What about me” is a creation of Intel that’s becoming popular day by day. With the unique feature of creating an Infographic of your digital life, it is truly one of a kind. You can connect with people you know and get inspired by them.

what about me

2. Piktochart

With this marvelous tool you can become a designer for your own blogs and websites. Piktochart helps designing different Infographics using its designing features which includes numerous themes, graphs, tables and icons. Indeed an easy way to create unique color schemes and shapes.



A simple tool that helps create and customize Infographics requiring much less than a minute. Being simple it is easy to use. also updates popular designs from frequent users.


The upcoming trends of static Infographics makes a simple and most exciting tool to create Infographics. Its online tool helps turn the raw data to a tremendous chart or catchy Infographics in minutes.

5. Venngage

Being frequently updated it helps you innovate and share custom Infographics in an instant. With its features including tracking and different color schemes, now you can create amazing Infographics for blogs and websites. By monitoring your audience you can judge your creativity, improve and increase your audience.


6. ICharts

ICharts with its unique and beautiful charts caters you in the easiest and fastest way on web. Being simple and innovative it helps you create, publish and update data.



With its drag and drop features and a friendly interface is a simple way to create Infographics. An easy way to share and create new visual ideas on the web which helps you begin from scratch and preset Infographic style being supported ‘vhemes’. Vhemes turns your idea into a full Infographic and challenges your creativity.

8. Dipity

If you are in need for a unique type of Infographics and a free website, then Dipity is where you should land. It is the quickest and simplest way to organize your web content by date and time with its innovative multimedia timeline designs.


With these remarkable tools and numerous more, the use of Infographics has become increasingly public. Now everyone can create simple yet astonishing visual ideas.
This is a guest post by Alexandra Seremina who works with Azoft ( – a mobile development company.

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