8 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks To Help You Skip Writing Repetitive Code

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WordPress frameworks act as time-savers which let you code a WordPress theme quicker by cutting down the time spent on writing repetitive code with every theme you are functioning on.

There are numerous reasons why one would like to utilize frameworks properly, the main reasons being their comfort of use, great support delivered by several WordPress communities, enhanced code and code that fulfills WP standards.Even if these theme frameworks have a lot of benefits, there are boundaries and drawbacks also which you need to consider. One of the difficulties developers have to face is the constraint the original theme developers of the framework raise, and numerous licenses which evidently show what you can and cannot do with your WordPress template. Frameworks work great for novice developers or those coders who have not ended up with their personal frameworks as frequently common frameworks get greatly reformed and becoming developer’s belongings.

1. Pro Theme Design

2. Headway Themes

3. Gantry Framework

4. PageLines Framework

5. Theme Hybrid

6. Whiteboard Framework

7. Thesis 2.0

8. Genesis Framework

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