7 HTML Editors for Designers & Developers

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Designers & developers always wanted to know about the best design tools. That is why we have been posting about various design tools in the past like best html5 tools for designers. But today we decided to discuss HTML editors. Yes we know it might be really hard finding the right HTML editor, especially when you know there are so many different ones relevant to professional developers and web designers. In order to summarize everything and help you choose the best one, we have created a special selection of the best 7 editors that you can use.

1. Komodo Edit


This is probably the best XML editor so far. The reason for this is because it includes lots of great features for CSS and HTML development making the process a lot simpler. Plus, if you don’t feel like you have everything you need, you can download some of the many extensions that in most cases are pretty helpful. However, it is far from the best HTML editor, but it is definitely great when it comes to XML work.

2. Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a really great choice, that will help web developers enhance their work. Instead of focusing on HTML, Aptana is going all for JavaScript and other elements of such kind that will help you make your web application RIA. One of the best things is the fact it makes it extremely easy to visualize the DOM. Basically, if you are the type of developer who is using mainly web applications, then this is the right studio for you.

3. Bluefish

This is another full featured web editor but for Linux. And you can rest assured that every new version has a lot to offer. Due to this fact, you can rest assured that you will easily find native executables for Mac and Windows. There is also sensitive auto-complete tool and spell check tool as well. It includes languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, project management, auto-save, snippets, etc. However it is more code editor rather than web one but it is really good.

4. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor


This is another web editor with lots of potential. Since most of the cool features are not included in the trial version, it is highly recommended to buy the full one. However, the free version is really good when it comes to HMTL editor. Important note is many sites are listing the editor as free, but once you test it you will see most of the features require getting the full version.

5. Eclipse

What Eclipse is, is a complex development tool designed for people who love coding on different languages and various platforms. The great thing about this development environment is it is structured with plug-ins, so if you need something, all you have to do is to download the required plugin. The IDE supports PHP, JavaScript, Java plugins and many more.

6. Alleycode

This free web editor is focused on SEO. You will find plenty of built-in features and links that will help you rank your site higher, optimize the Meta data and improve the search rankings. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean their web editor is not good – it features some really cool and handy features that you will enjoy for sure.

7. SeaMonkey

If you haven’t heard of SeaMonkey – it is a project of Mozilla and its main idea is to be all-in-one Internet app suite. It has newsgroup and email client, web browser, IRC chat client and web page editor and it is completely free. There is also an embedded FTP in order to publish your web pages.

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