6 Reasons Why PSD To WordPress Conversion is Popular

6 Reasons Why PSD To WordPress Is Popular
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WordPress is the widely used CMS which is available for free and is easy to use and maintain. It also lets you use free templates which would even help a non-programmer to build an effective website.

WordPress is a highly customizable platform that allows developers to make changes according to the specifications and requirements. WordPress is a platform which even provides themes for better designs but when merged with photoshop, it gives outstanding results.

Photoshop is a quite popular photo editing software which lets designers make the designing easier. PSD to WordPress conversion is a service that offers developers to build an interactive, user-friendly, responsive website. The conversion makes both tools work together for a wonderful combination and cutting-edge result.

The design of the website can be made in photoshop and then be converted into WordPress. Nowadays, the developers use WordPress themes available to design the website. Therefore, using the above-mentioned conversion can make them stand out of the crowd.

Still, you don’t find this conversion a useful one? Read on to find out how it became very popular these days!

The Conversion Provided Pixel Perfect Design

Who doesn’t want a pixel perfect design for his website? Using this conversion, you can achieve pixel perfect design as photoshop provides you wonderful design.

As a best photo editing tool, it assures that the would possess easy navigations and top-notch designs.Once the PSD file converted to WordPress, it lets all the transitions complete smoothly.


Even if the PSD file is sliced, the pixel ratio is always maintained by all the layers. This way designing the website with Photoshop and then converting to WordPress can help you get a wonderful design for the website made with WordPress development.

Advanced User Experience

When PSD is converted to WordPress, the website becomes easy to navigate. This website made with WordPress development comes with many built-in advanced features.

Advance UI

When the website is easy to navigate, it provides better user experience to the users. It helps them finding what they are seeking for. If not, WordPress offers certain plugins which would help you increase the functionality of the WordPress website without disturbing the code.

Thus, the functionality can be made according to the requirements and needs when PSD is converted to WordPress.

The Conversion Makes the Website SEO-friendly

When it comes to WordPress, it is very precise with Search Engine Optimization. WordPress offers advanced SEO-friendly features in which you can optimize your website for search engines.

With WordPress, there are certain SEO plugins through which you can add Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags and Meta Keywords. SEO is important for every website in order to increase the traffic to the website.


The design of the website plays a vital role in the optimization of search engines.

If the site not having an SEO-friendly design, your website would hardly have any traffic. Every design element affects your search ranking be it the HTML structure or the flash amount used in the design.

Therefore, PSD to WordPress conversion lets your WordPress website to be SEO friendly with the help of SEO plugins offered by WordPress and the design elements used by Photoshop tool.

Cross-Browser compatibility

There are various websites out there which do not even experience lower traffic on the website.

This is due to its lack of compatibility with all the browsers. Some websites work well with Google Chrome, but is not at all working on Safari or Mozilla, this kind of website tends to have higher bounce rate and are good for nothing.


This website, when gone through PSD to WordPress conversion becomes compatible on every browser. The website, when made with PSD to WordPress conversion, tend to be easily accessible on all the browsers like Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, & Internet Explorer.

Scalable & Versatile

WordPress already offers several plugins to add new functionalities to the website without disturbing the actual code or design.

And when PSD is converted to WordPress, it offers even more flexible and increases the scalability of the website. The conversion is versatile as it increases the bandwidth of the functionalities of the website.


This versatility of the website makes it more popular and influence more and more people to use it for WordPress development.

Customized Design

The most important aspect and the main reason behind the popularity of the conversion are that the design of the website can be customized as per the requirement.

You can create your own designs with the help of Photoshop and the content can be managed according to the requirement with the help of WordPress platform.


And then convert the Photoshop Design into WordPress with the help of a developer. This can be the best way to implement your design and make the most out of the WordPress website.

These are the specialities of the conversion of PSD to WordPress which makes it popular.


Author Bio : Parth Unadkat is a proud Digital Marketer at Elsner Technologies, having 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and PPC, Has strong focus on digital marketing related activities. He always trying to solve the issues that he or anyone facing in the search engine optimization field.

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