6 Best Magento Extensions for Your E-Commerce Store (Reviews)

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Magento is a strong, open source platform featuring great capability to provide your site with huge customization possibilities. It is being advanced and sophisticated by Magento developers day by day. Many extensions and plugins are offered for your eCommerce website to provide customers with best shopping experience. Of the many, here we explain the top most 6 Magento extensions that your eCommerce website must have.

1. Facebook App

Obviously social media is the best domain to get connected with a huge amount of people. Facebook, the king of social network brings your entire store to the platform and help you successfully reach your Facebook customers and offer them a Facebook store for your products or services. Magento integrate Facebook and online shopping through this extension software and hence, helping you to establish a social media presence for your online shop as well as letting your Facebook customers to purchase from your Facebook shop by staying in their account.

2. Invoicera Magento Extension

This is invoice software developed by Invoicera, renowned online invoicing software. With this advanced extension, Magento store owners can make and send invoices to their customers when the order is placed. Thus, this helps owners to synchronize the products and customer data that relate your store and your accounting package. You can ensure that order information has been correctly assigned to the right accounts.

3. One Step Checkout

An easy check out process for your online store is provided by this extension software. Shopping cart is the most important element of any eCommerce store that determines the E-business sales. One Step Checkout process offers a simple and easy checkout method and hence, your customers can complete their shopping in a stress-free manner. They are saved from the complex, 6-step process that needs repeated data to be provided to each single page. Thus, One Step Checkout reduces the shopping cart abandon rate and boost sales.

4. Product Banner Slider

Good banner advertisement has power to drive more traffic and in that way drive more sales and eventually drive your business to success. Banner ads express an eCommerce store’s target in few words and attractive images. With Magento product banner slider extension, you can make your attractive banner at the header and integrate with a beautiful slideshow. You can add around 6 products for the banner display with impressive and relevant product image and short description along with discount offers. This kind of banner will obviously influence your target audience to click the ‘Shop Now’ button that comes on the banner.

5. Blog

Relevant and attractively written blogs are the perfect way for an eCommerce store to connect with more customers in short period of time. Magento comes with blogging extension that allows you easily incorporate a blog into your store. Certain Blog extensions are compatible with Magento Blog, for example; Monk_Blog. Thus, you can incorporate the information from your old blog to your new one.

6. Recent Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in all online businesses as they have skill to attract visitors and encourage them to make queries as well as develop a trust on your business. Magento launches a ‘Recent Reviews’ extensions that displays the latest reviews on your store page. It can be a category page or home page but the review section will attract your visitors.

Author bio: David is an experienced web designer who mainly designs e commerce sites for his clients. He has shared articles related to Magento extension which can be used for e commerce stores. You may check more about him at his blog.

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  • Post is good and these extensions are essential for an ecommerce store to attract every customers.
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