5 WordPress Plugins Optimizing Responsive Design

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Mobile internet has gained a huge significance in this digital era and extensive use of Smartphone and tablets. It has become one of the most preferred ways of accessing web among the new generation people. Nobody likes waiting for hours and hours to access web on their computer or laptop. In comparison to year 2010, the use of mobile phones has jumped to 500 percent, whereas Smartphone usage has increased to three times as that of mobile usage. It is unbelievable that it was just 10 percent of webpage visit from mobile internet, while it is forecasted that by 2015, mobile internet usage would surpass desktop internet usage with a fast pace.

Looking forward for the future of mobile browsing, responsive design would rule the market and every web designer’s mind too. Those who are not aware of the term responsive web design, let me introduce you with this intelligent design that allows a website to acclimatize different environment and platforms easily, providing the superlative visual experience to the users without sacrificing on quality of the website. No matter whether you are using a desktop, tablet or a Smartphone, responsive web design ensures that your end users would have a great experience without a need to pinch, zoom, squint or exit the webpage.

Responsive design ensures that your website visitors get a visually appealing mobile experience and leads to increased page views, leads and conversions for your website. It is easy to convert your WordPress website into a responsive design, as there are numerous plugins available to solve the problem of navigation, creating photo gallery, etc. This process does not entail a huge development cost, as it does in creating a separate mobile website. Take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins optimizing responsive design.

1. WordPress Responsive Mobile Pack

It is a toolkit that comes with all the responsive rudiments like a mobile switcher that automatically recommends a mobile or desktop presentation, color variations, image rescaling, resizing mobile ads and ample of mobile themes to choose from.
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2. WP Fluid Images

This plugin is especially for basic informational websites as it replaces the CSS image attributes from the graphics with fluid percentage. This gives a visually suitable experience to the end users whether they access your site via mobile, laptop or desktop.
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3. Responsive Select Menu

This plugin solves the problem of navigation and menus to be browsed on mobile phones by converting the WordPress 3.0 menus into responsive select boxes without leaving any white space. Responsive select menu plugin resolves this challenging task automatically without adding any extra coding.
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4. WP Mobile Detect

This plugins prevents your users to get choked while accessing large files like photo galleries, chats, heavy graphics, streaming audio and videos through their Smartphone. All you need to do is add an easy shortcode to the webpage, to make user-experience great.
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5. FitVids jQuery Plugin

Browsing videos on mobile may cause problem due to CSS styles that are not supported by mobile phones, this often leads to a poor user-experience, and they might end up pinching, zooming or exiting from the entire website. FitVids jQuery plugin solves this problem by resizing the videos into fluid form that can take a shape and size according to the platform, thus purging the clumsy experience to the end users for browsing videos on Smartphone or tablet.
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