5 Most Useful Ecommerce Plugins for Joomla Which You Shouldn’t Miss Out

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Move over WordPress, as the most used CMS and get exploring. Joomla is one such content management system that grabs the attention of the cornering eye. Being something more than just software, Joomla has an impressive number of developers backing it. The end-product that is available for use is great and has the necessary incorporations.

The entire area of expertise is very rich and flexible and thus finds usage over a variety of websites. A plethora of options are available like blogs and brand websites, e-shops and web forums, online galleries and government websites, personal pages and news websites, etc. The list is an unending one and the end results are baffling. The expectations are not only met for users, but exceeded as well. This CMS caters to a varied society of people with different skills and expertise.

The presence of a variety of plug-ins and widgets lend a better functional performance to all the CMS’s and Joomla is no new to such additions. There are many free eCommerce plug-ins available for Joomla that help better the user-interface. Below are discussed five such plug-ins.

1. JoomShopping

An eCommerce plug-in that is available for Joomla, both as free and commercial, currently supports German and English only. JoomShopping is easy to use and presence of customizable features like customer accounts and shopper groups, multiple payment options, multiple currencies, tax management options, etc. lend that extra package to the plug-in. Additional features that cater to marketing such as product ratings, testimonials, wishlist, guest checkout, etc. are also available that make it all the more luring.

There are some hitches as well. The community forum is quite dormant and this accounts for the low customer support. This issue is resolved quite diligently by the creators of this plug-in to try and cater to as many queries as possible.

2. VirtueMart

Whether you are a developer or a non-technical person, this open-source eCommerce solution, is simple to use, easy to configure and manage and is one of the most popular ones to be used. Being open-source enables you to get support from the community available and is one of the factors for its popularity. For quick and qualified help you do have to incur extra costs, though and that’s the scenario with most of the other CMS’s and shopping carts, as well.

The plug-in is search engine friendly and has opportunities for marketing. Features like upselling, cross-selling products, enabling product reviews and ratings, coupons, displaying pricing, guest checkout and 1click checkout are available to help you at every step.

3. Tienda

This is a complete eCommerce extension whose community version is available for free download. Support from Tienda is available for assistance regarding the software setup or configuration and can be subscribed for. Reporting of bugs and requests for features helps the developers to cater to all the queries of the users. The users are encouraged to participate and help them serve better.

There are some key features as well that Tienda supports like, unlimited products, categories and user groups, multiple currencies, payment and shipping options, etc. there’s a line of user-interface features as well such as, order history, address book, payment methods and viewed products log that enhance the efficiency.

4. J2Store

A simple shopping cart that is easy to use and consists of a basic set of features, J2Store is a perfect solution to all your needs. The management and installation process is simple and can be even completed by a beginner. For additional functionalities, you will need to pay at least $10 extra. The support is great and the professionals are helpful on the forum as well.

This shopping cart is an ideal solution for small shops that don’t have the requirement for automated stock control features. Basic features are present in galore like, product attributes, tax rates, standard shipping methods, guest checkout, user registration, etc. But, there are no additional functions such as, track and trace, full shipping methods and zone/region based shipping. Also the non-commercial version is only present as a base.

5. HikaShop

There are three different versions available visa-vis: Starter, which is a free edition, Essential and Business, which are commercial editions. The Starter version is limited in functionality, though there is an inclusion of modules that can be customized to fit the website.

Managing the products and categories, customers and sales, currencies and tax rules, discounts and coupons, etc. is easy with HikaShop. Customization of the views, emails, translations, etc. are also highly effective in this shopping cart.


The above-mentioned plug-ins make Joomla better engaged and keep the CMS in the hunt for the developers.

If you have used any of the plug-ins do share your experience in the comments section below.

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  • I’ve used virtumart and it works quite well but its cumbersome for a small eCommerce site, any suggestion which of the above is good for small site?


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