5 Best jQuery Plugins for Parallax Scrolling

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Nowadays, you find a lot of websites being designed creatively with different ideas. A new type of effect called parallax scrolling has gained popularity in recent times and is being used to create a variety of background styles in websites.

This technique has been employed in most of the video games in the past and now it is being used in various websites to make the interface more attractive. Parallax scrolling provides 3D effects for websites as it features layers of images which move around in varying speeds.

You can add special effects to your website by using different types of jQuery plugins. jQuery is a well-written JavaScript code which improves the application’s performance with minimum lines of coding. Here is a collection of 5 popular jQuery plugins for parallax scrolling.


Stellar.js is one of the jQuery plugins which provides parallax scrolling effects to any scrolling element. It is very easy to use as it works by adding some simple attribute data to the markup. It allows you to accurately align the elements and background. Here are the major features of Stellar.js – you can add different scrolling speeds to the elements by including attributes and re-position an element’s background image as you scroll. The unique feature of Stellar.js is that all the elements get back to their original positions when they come to the edge of the page.


SuperScrollorama is an interesting plugin which is an extension of Scrollorama. Using this jQuery plugin, one can add attractive scroll animation effects to the website. You can add many transition effects to the text like fade, fly, pin, rotate, zoom, wipe and unpin. The SuperScrollorama plugin also provides many other added effects like scaling, smushing, horizontal page slides, page wipes, bounces, flinging, coloring etc. With this plugin you can also set the target as to when an element should appear in the view port. You can set a duration for the transition effects and create a timeline of multiple tweets. This plugin can be used to give your website a fun and energetic look.
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