5 Amazing WordPress Plugins for Mobile and Smartphones

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Mobile and smartphones are being used extensively these days this is why it is imperative that you should have a mobile version of the blog that you run on WordPress. Although this aspect is not too much to be worried about, however the sooner you can have one the better it would be. The best thing about WordPress is that it already has a bunch of plugins that can easily help you obtain a mobile compatible website.

WordPress Plugins for Mobile

In case you have noticed but there could be a dip in the amount of web traffic that comes to your website. It is quite possible it could be because you do not have a website that supports viewing on mobile handsets and other smart devices. With more and more people around the world using phones to download and access information from the internet it is imperative that you should have a mobile compatible website and web blog. Here are some of the best mobile plugins that are available for WordPress and can be used for all kinds of mobile handsets:

1) WordPress Mobile Edition

This is a popular plugin and the best feature about Word Edition is that the very moment someone visits your web blog through a mobile device he or she would be detected instantly. Upon detection, the plugin will by itself switch from desktop to mobile version of your web blog. During the switch over the plugin will try to find out which browser the visitor is using to browse your web blog. In such cases it is important that you add all the mobile browsers in your plugin’s settings so that it can run seamlessly for any kind of mobile browser.


As soon as the plugins gets to know that the visitor is using a mobile browser it will automatically download a theme specifically designed for the kind of device. Let’s take for example the iPhone. The plugin would use the mobile version of Safari while for Android phones it would use Opera.

2) Mobile Press

The Mobile Press plugin more or less has all the kind of features you would want for a mobile compatible website. It is seen as a no nonsense plugin and is in the process of being upgraded to version 2.0 very soon. The new version would be further restructured and rewritten to make it even more powerful and flexible for the users.


Mobile Press can be easily comparable with other kind of plugins however it is treated above the rest owing to its special quality adaptability that not many of the other plugins seem to feature. This plugin offers bloggers as well as website owners to create their very own themes. Where other plugins give you a specific default theme or may be a few other themes, Mobile Press offers you a much wider choice. You can even very much create your own theme for any mobile website.

3) WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin is not any ordinary plugin as it features a handful of functionalities that you had ever wished for. It is has its very own switcher thus offering you to choose a theme or the plugin can do that for you. The plugin would choose a theme based on the device the visitor would be using to browse through your web blog. This plugin has quite a number of themes along with a wide range of additional widgets. It is indeed a complete pack for any mobile website.
WordPress Mobile Pack
Further, in addition to the features just highlighted it also comes with its very own mobile administration control panel. This panel allows you to edit the looks of your website and also offers you to post new content for your web blog whenever you want.

One unique feature of the WordPress Mobile Pack is that it smartly adapts to the user’s phone. This is quite fast and seamless despite the fact that so many process run in the background. Re-scaling of images, mobile styling and discarding unsupported media are some of the processes it can handle.

4) WP Mobile Detector

The WP Mobile Detector is a simple to use plugin. It can easily adapt to your blog and tablet with no hassles involved. All that you need to do is to modify a few of the applications settings and then you can start converting your website for a variety of mobile users. When compared to a few other plugins that seem to only target a handful of gadgets, WP Mobile Detector can help you convert your website into a mobile friendly site that can support almost more than 5,000 devices.

WP Mobile Detector

Although this plugin only supports nine themes till date but it does support WP widgets as well as multilingual websites which is run by international visitors. The plugin also offers access to various statistics that can let you know if and when would visitors use mobile devices to access your website. This plugin is available free of cost on the WordPress website however if you are looking for specific features you would have to access the developer’s website.

5) Mobile Admin

The mobile admin is perceived as one of the best mobile plugins available for WordPress today. It is not only user friendly but has rich features too. The plugin is simple to use as after installing it you would precisely know what to do. You can easily learn how to edit and customize websites. This plugin also helps you enhance your site’s visibility on mobile devices.
There has been no roll out or releases of a newer version of the plugin since 2007 so you may have to look for other plugins for specific features and functionalities that you want.

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  • Installed 3 of the enlisted plugins today. Thanks for sharing these apps and tools. Ahhhh!!! So excited to use it.

  • Earlier I couldn’t be able to blog from my smartphone. Rather i would say i wasn’t aware of these plugins. I got to know about these fantastic plugins from this post. These are really awesome to use. Thanks Andrew for this post. :)

  • Using wordpress in smartphones is great. I have used all these plugins and i can assure you they are the best plugins of WordPress. :)


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