2013 – Year Dedicated to Responsive Web Design

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Many of us have seen several sites changing their layouts and designing. Fitted and compatible font sizes are used for web design by the developers nowadays. The reason behind the decision taken by IT sector is not because of their technicalities or some development tricks; it is rather taken due to the shifted consumption habits of the users.

Mob Era

Since last year, the sale of computers and laptops went down, whereas mobile market has boost up the Smartphone sale faster. Using personal computer is not recommendable in the present scenario. Even laptop sales are lower than their previous year. If the users are not buying pc or laptop, then how do they managing their work? Recent technology we name – tablets are replacing them. The smart technology including web design has made everything so compact that made the life of public flexible.

Now, they don’t need to start CPU and then monitor and open internet to check or reply the mails. They can now use their handsets, which are installed with great apps and features to make their life comfy. For every web design or an online website, there are plenty of app designs and ideas that are being generated by the developers. Making applications seem creative solution to generate leads for business. But, the issue of responsive web design will remain same, if applications are created without doing research.


Responsive web design consists of flexible images and fluid grids that make the site same in looks even if you are viewing its shrink version. Now, the question comes – what is the benefit of all this? Only the detective eyes can see that a web design build once with this idea will work seamlessly all over different screens including your mobile and tablets.
The rapid increase in tablets and Smartphone buyers is highly remarkable. And, the best part is the technology that is so much user-friendly that even your grandparents can use them without facing any trouble. The technology is boon to the world of publishers, where the market finds the best and easiest way to reach to the readers. Every user experiences something good on different types of screens. The reason behind such a good experience is that responsive web design that fits into every type of screen. It’s the only desire of every online business and the users who wish to experience its services.

Don’t you think so?? Give us your ideas/feedback for the latest technology – Responsive web design which is ruling the market.

Jimmy Potter is a web & graphic designer by profession. He has zeal to read, write and create innovative designs for posters, websites, and various other advertising purposes. He has ability and knowledge about various Web design tips and resources.

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