20+ Free PSD Infographic Templates to Inspire Designers

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Infographics (Information graphics) have become one of the powerful way of conveying your message to the target audiences. One of the best thing about the infographics is that these can be understood by uneducated people as well. Conveying the information through images, bar diagrams, pie charts makes it more interesting to the viewers. The information you like to include could be heavy on data but the message can be shaped into simple diagrams to make it easy and clear to understand. A lot of websites have emerged on the web, that only cater to the demand of infographics only, just because of effective data presentation.

With infographics, one cannot just present statistical data, but financial data, process and workflows also to spread the info among the team members or the audiences easily and quickly. These can be shared on social media websites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc to spread the word all around the world.

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Creating Infographics from the scratch can be a tedious task for those who do not have designing knowledge, collecting elements for the infographics only can consume loads of time. Graphic designers and web developers can easily get going for the infographics with the help of several designing tools, but again for them time is everything, they cannot afford to create and design every single graphic element used to create an infographic. To ease their workflow and save loads of time, we have put together some of the basic elements of infographic ready in hand. These free PSD infographic templates include pie charts, graphics, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc. Infographic templates are considered as an effective strategy to convey your data in a visually appealing manner. You can check out our collection to use them for creating infographics in Photoshop or Illustrator or any other designing software. You can customize the vectors according to your requirements.

The below are 100% Free PSD Infographic templates can be used for branding and corporate identification, but do not forget to read the licence before using the right. We just hope that the Infographic vector kits prove to be useful for graphic designers and developers. Take a look, Enjoy!

Vector Infographic Of Word Map

PSD Infographic Templates-Vector Infographic Of Word Map

Info Graphic Design

PSD Infographic Templates-Info Graphic Design

Colorful Infographics

PSD Infographic Templates-Colorful Infographics

Business data elements

PSD Infographic Templates-Business data elements

Vector Infographic Vol.2

PSD Infographic Templates-Vector Infographic Vol.2


PSD Infographic Templates-Magnolia

Simple Infographics

PSD Infographic Templates-Simple Infographics

Infographic Icons, Bars, Pie-Charts

PSD Infographic Templates-Infographic Icons, Bars, Pie-Charts

Colorful Vector Infographic

PSD Infographic Templates-Colorful Vector Infographic

Economy Infographics

PSD Infographic Templates-Economy Infographics

Business Infographics

PSD Infographic Templates-Business Infographics

Infographics Template

PSD Infographic Templates-Infographics Template

Infographic Vector

PSD Infographic Templates-Infographic Vector

Vector Infographic Design Elements

PSD Infographic Templates-Vector Infographic Design Elements

Retro infographic Elements

PSD Infographic Templates-Retro infographic Elements

Infographic Vector Kit

PSD Infographic Templates-Infographic Vector Kit

Economy Infographics Design Elements

PSD Infographic Templates-Economy Infographics Design Elements

Vector Charts & Graphs

PSD Infographic Templates-Vector Charts & Graphs

Set of Chart & Infographics Design Elements

PSD Infographic Templates-Set of Chart & Infographics Design Elements

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