15+ Useful Cheat Sheets for WordPress Design and Development

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WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. It is just so simple and easy to use. On the top of this, it provides a range of useful extensions/plugins which make the things more easier. But somehow you need to deal with the coding of your WordPress blog. Cheat Sheets are very helpful while developing WordPress theme. So you will find some really helpful cheat sheets below. Just check out….

1. WordPress Optimization Cheat Sheet

This gives a quick list of areas where WordPress can be optimized. Includes issues like Server optimization, WordPress performance, offloading, Caching, Adding database servers.

2. The WordPress Help Sheet

The WordPress Help Sheet include: Basic template file, PHP Snippets for the header, PHP Snippets for the template, and extra stuffs for WordPress.

3. The Advanced WP Help Sheet

Although the Advanced WordPress Help Sheet is mainly aimed for more advanced WordPress developers, beginning WordPress developers can use it to further their knowledge. The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet includes snippets from Styling Different Categories to Dynamic Page Titles.

4. WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

This tell you the steps to create an optimized WordPress blog. This includes optimize theme: Body, optimize theme: header, URL structure for the posts, user tracking , adding sitemap and lots more.

5. WordPress Templates Tag Cheet Sheet

Template tags are used within your blog’s Templates to display information dynamically or otherwise customize your blog, providing the tools to make it as individual and interesting as you are.

6. WordPress Architecture

This is a description of the general site architecture for WordPress v1.5. WordPress Theme authors are encouraged to maintain much of the core site architecture of XHTML tags and CSS selectors, but they are not required to.

7. WP Visual Cheat Sheet

The WordPress visual cheat sheet is divided into the following tag categories: include, blog info, list & dropdown, login/logout, post, comment, category, tag, author, date & time, edit link, trackback, permalink, links manager, query and title.

8. WP Template Designer Cheat Sheet

This includes: template files, template functions, template examples, template hierarchy, links .

9. WP Plugin API Cheat Sheet

This is also one of our favorite cheat sheets..

10. WP Server Model Cheat Sheet

11. WP Blog Maintenance Checklist

Interesting template checklist, suggesting that you must follow this if you want to maintain your blog. This also suggests you to monitor your bandwidth usage and be prepared to upgrade your plan if you consistently hit at least 90 percent of your hosting package’s bandwidth allocation.

12. GraphicRating – WP Cheat Sheet

If you want to create a WordPress theme, these shown files must be included in order to be a standard theme.

13. WP Theme Building Cheat Sheet

14. WP Theme Generator

This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

15. WP CSS Cheat Sheet

If you are looking into creating your first website or first WordPress theme, then the following little CSS Cheat Cheat can help you learn some of the most important basics of CSS coding.

16. 30+ WP Snippets Collection

List of commonly used snippets. This will definitely help people for developing themes.

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