15+ Responsive Email Templates for SMEs

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Email marketing is not a new trend and many businesses have been running email campaigns to reach their target audience. However, email marketing is now facing a new challenge, as people are today using a wide variety of devices. A range of tablets and smartphones are available in the market with various screen sizes. Thus, the challenge is to deliver an email message uniformly on all devices, irrespective of the screen size, so that the recipient can have an optimal reading experience. This also improves the response rate.

You can overcome this challenge with the help of responsive email templates. There are several free to use email templates that you can find appropriate for your email campaigns. Here are the top 20 of them:

1. Antwort:


It offers a responsive layout that fits into the recipient’s displays. Its thoroughly tested HTML tables are universally compatible. Antwort also offers a style guide and FAQ’s for troubleshooting.

2. Zurb:


It offers you a set of five templates and each template features a separate CSS stylesheet. You can add images by compressing a separate folder with the available stylesheet. Zurb offers a fluid layout with the required media queries.

3. Campaign Monitor:


You can use this template builder to create mobile-friendly templates for free. The template will display perfectly on all desktop and mobile devices. You can quickly choose from different color and layout options to start your customize email campaign.

4. Campaigner:


This email template package offers you nine different layouts, eight color options and two types of skins. In total, you can achieve 120 different responsive email templates using different combinations of colors and layouts. The templates work perfectly for all email clients.

5. Market:


It offers you eight pre-built templates with 24 different color options and 28 various elements to change the layout. You can build a customized template in just three steps. It supports all major email clients.

6. Quinn:


It offers you two different layouts and 14 modules to build custom templates. It features six color schemes and flexible table structures. Quinn also comes with a WordPress plugin.

7. Freelancer:


It provides you with a simple to use and responsive template, with ten color schemes, five layouts and different modules. With a flexible table structure and CSS buttons, you can easily create result-driven email campaigns.

8. Metromix:


This mobile-ready template can serve various purposes of advertising and marketing products and a brand. It features seven different color schemes and flexible modules.

9. FancyMail:


With seven layouts and eight color options, FancyMail can allow you to build templates that can ensure an optimal viewing experience on a range of devices. The template can work on all major email clients.

10. Freshmail:


It offers you a responsive and clutter-free email template with seven different layouts. With flexible CSS buttons, Freshmail provides you easy-to-use mobile-friendly templates.

11. MetroMail:


With eight different layouts and various color options, you can create 192 HTML templates using MetroMail. Its modular design allows you to build unique layouts, maintaining a desired set of variations.

12. MobileMetro:


It gives you ten responsive templates with easily editable modules. It allows you to create unlimited options and works well on all major email clients.

13. Rocket Mail:

Rocket Mail

It offers you a clean email template for both business and personal use. In rocket Mail, you get six color schemes, six layouts and two different backgrounds. It gives you total 72 templates with layered PSDs.

14. Ridio Mail:


With eight different themes and five color options, it allows you to build 40 different templates. Ridio Mail gives you mobile-ready templates with professional looks, guaranteeing optimal viewing experience for a better response.

15. Tytan:


Its custom layout generator allows you to choose from unlimited layouts and color variations. It features a simple drop-and-drag system to help build templates in an effortless manner.

16. Online Bazar:

Online Bazar

It features four different layouts, ten color options and repeatable modules. It is packed with a flexible table structure and PSD files.

17. Slash:


With its flat-style design and seven color options, Slash could prove an effective template for business marketing. It features a flexible table structure, seven PSDs and 77 HTML files.

18. SquarePath:


With lightweight commented code and duplicable modules, SquarePath guarantees the desired speed and accuracy. The templates work well on all devices.

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