12 Most Popular Javascript Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits for Web Developers

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To enable highly interactive user interface, which is consistent as well, you need a set of UI controls, toolkits or libraries that help in simplification of application development. It makes your web interface highly interactive and user-friendly. With the unexpected surge in the number of websites and innovative ways to make those websites interactive, there are a lot of UI frameworks available in different languages. One such user interface is JavaScript Web UI, which is very simple to use and offers loads of functionalities.
Different projects require different libraries and toolkits, but developers prefer a single user interface, which can be relied upon in different situations. Therefore, for a fresh user-interface outlook, we are providing you a list of 12 JavaScript Web UIs that lead you to solutions you are looking for.

1.LivePipe: UI Components for Prototype

If we have a prototype JavaScript framework, LivePipe UI can be used for applications. The widgets and controls are well tested and highly programmed for extensions and can also be reduced for non-JavaScript compatible browsers.

Some of the controls available are: Scrollbar, Progress Bar, Rating, Select Multiple, Text Area, Windows, Tabs, and Context Menu.

2.UKI – a user-friendly user interface kit for complex Web apps

UKI is coded in plain JavaScript, but it speeds up various web applications. It comes with a view component library that includes a SplitPane and Slider to List. It uses DOM and JS idioms such as events, attributes and CSS selectors. You can easily learn UKI, if you have used jQuery.

The UKI is so simple that you do not need to install frameworks and there is no need to include CSS. So you have no dependency to manage it.

3.MochaUI – A Web Application UI Library

If your target is to develop websites, standalone Windows, widgets, Web desktops, quick Web applications and modal dialogs, you can use MochaUI, a user-friendly extension to Explorer Canvas and MooTools JavaScript framework.

4.Sigma Ajax User-Interface Builder

Sigma Ajax UI Builder
It is coded in PHP and JavaScript and it uses Sigma Visual, a web based visual Ajax user-interface builder that includes around 50 common components that include timeline, dialog, tree grid, and tabs, etc.

5.JxLib based MooTools

JxLib based MooTools
It is also a JavaScript user interface framework developed on MooTools platform. The common components such trees, tabs, buttons, menus, and dialogs needed in most of the applications along with some additional capabilities are offered by JxLib. JxLib also enables us to select a look and feel for the web interface. It also offers image and CSS based skins.

6.Dijit – The Dojo Toolkit

When you want to develop attractive Web 2.0 graphical user interfaces, Dijit is a good option to start with; especially if you have little experience in JavaScript. If you are a novice at Dojo, you can use Dijit, which is a widget system.

Dijit is designed for global audience with capabilities to serve people with different languages and cultures. It also facilitates people with different abilities. It enables bi-directional text to accommodate languages which are written from right to left. It also enables language translations along with cultural representation of numbers and dates useful in making astrological and other cultural sites.

7.jQuery TOOLS – the missing UI library for the web

jQuery TOOLS
It offers more functionality in less load time as far as UI components are concerned. If you want libraries for jQuery elements such as Forms, Overlay, Scrollable, Tooltip, Tabs and Flashembed, this lightweight UI comes handy.

8. jQuery UI

jQuery UI
This library is available on top of the jQuery core and it facilitates animation that enables attractive interactions. Containing UI related functions, it be divided into three main parts:
A. Widgets : containing customizable and prebuilt UIs
B. Effects: easy to use animations
C. Mouse interactions: Expanded interactions with elements including dragging and dropping

9.Prototype UI

Prototype UI
It’s a vast JavaScript library, which is very convenient to use as well. It’s based on Script.aculo.us and Prototype. This user interface provides modules such as Shadow, Modal Window, Carousel, and Context Menu. You can use it either independently or as a whole package.

10.Jitsu – A Rich Web Application Framework

A designing-friendly UI, Jitsu is very rich framework that features a host of utilities such as Ajax, animation engine, page compiler, language, XML, and runtime inspector etc. It makes building web applications fun and easy. For rapid interactions, client side data binding is facilitated in it. If you want to make any changes, you can do it easily without having to do it from ground up.

11.Alloy UI

Alloy UI
It’s also a feature rich UI library, which includes numerous components. Some of these are utilities and some of these are full-fledged UI widgets. The controls offered by this UI include Button, Calendar, Panel, AutoComplete, Treeview, Dialog, and Image Gallery, etc.

12.Yahoo! YUI Library

Yahoo! YUI Library
This is the ultimate UI library as far as above kits and frameworks are concerned. So, if nothing comes up to the mark, you can try Yahoo! YUI Library, which is extremely feature-rich and dependable. It’s constantly updated to serve developers and it’s so comprehensive that there is hardly any UI that comes near to it.

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