10 Stupendous jQuery Tools for Web Developers

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jQuery is a rich JavaScript library which makes things easier; as it is used for creating web effects easily with few lines of HTML coding. It has become very popular among internet users these days. Therefore, we have gathered a list of few jQuery Plugins which are capable of converting a humdrum website into cool and interesting site that engage the visitors again and again. If you are a developer or beginner, it can definitely help you. So, what are you waiting for! Just scroll down to see useful jQuery Plugins…

jQuery Tools

jQuery tools, an anthology of some brilliant and equally amazing tools which you can use on your website. Every tool has its different effects which can be used by anyone whether a person possess any coding knowledge or don’t, it doesn’t matter much.

Ajax Captcha

It is an outstanding jQuery plugin which helps in protecting your website from spammers, just by creating unique and attractive captcha forms.

Image Cross Fade Transition

This tool helps you in knowing how to fade an image. This can be done in three different ways: Use of two images, use of single images and simply use CSS.

Rounded Corners

Developers use jQuery’s wrap(), prepend() and append() functions for creating rounded corners. Basically this is done to make a website friendlier.

Vertically Scrolling Menu

This is a valuable jQuery tool used to add attractive and appealing vertically scrolling menus to blogs and websites.

Background Image Animations

With the help of jQuery, you can create background image animations easily. All you need is, simply download the background position plugin for this.

Fancy Button Plugin

These days, social media has become one of the most well-liked ways of promoting a website or a blog. And for this social bookmarking buttons are integrated on websites. So, with the help of jQuery, users can easily create alluring social bookmarking buttons for their blogs and websites for sharing content with their audiences.

AD Gallery

It helps in converting unordered list of images into simple slideshows so that it becomes simple for user to navigate easily.

Visualize Chart Plugin

You can use this visualize chart plugin for converting any regular HTML table into visual charts.


jTextTranslate tool is used to translate any words into any type of language. Simply highlight the word and it will translate automatically.

Therefore, above mentioned jQuery tools are useful for developers and if you know about any other good jQuery Tool which is useful and helpful please share with us.

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