10 Online Tools to Help Run a Business

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Running a business is a tough thing. You have to be able to lead others and delegate tasks in an efficient manner. You have to be capable of big vision but also of dealing with the daily details of your industry. You need to wear a lot of different hats. And you definitely need to have the right tools to make it easier to do the job.


Following are ten of the best online tools available to help you run your business:

1- Invoicera


Invoicera comes up with the painless solutions for you to invoice. Move the manual processes to electronic and reduce the cost. Have you ever wished to speed up payments for faster and smooth experience?  Get the right billing software to reduce billing related hiccups and hitches. The invoice feature offers the customization as per business requirements. The complete automation of invoice process, upgrade to the free plan at any time.

With online billing software, every business can now accept payments online including all outstanding and overdue payments. You can easily manage staff roles and permissions to get the flexible solutions for the business you want. The time tracking software manages time log, time spent on tasks tracked, team wise and project wise implementation with easy to use timer and more.

Also, the online billing software handles AR and AP needs in one place. Maintain various operations such as control account, currency fluctuation etc. Get the complete management of account payable processing, account receivable collection management and more. The other features include expense management, recurring/subscription billing, subcontractor billing, and time management, multilingual & multi-currency support, staff permission, financial reporting & analysis, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows, multi companies, purchase order management, comprehensive reporting and APIs for 3rd party integration.

2- Basecamp


A good business has a terrific project management system. You need to be able to easily share information about projects, delegate projects, schedule deadlines, check on progress and collaborate together within the business. A leading choice for project management is Basecamp. Another good option is Liquid Planner.

3- PB Works

It is very important for you to have other tools for sharing large files. PB Wiki is a top choice. This allows you to transfer files between employees as well as from your business to another business (such as a subcontractor that is working with you). Drop.io and MediaFire are other top choices.

4- Remember the Milk

remember the milk task organizer

Another important online tool for running a business is a good task organizer. You need to be able to brainstorm lots of tasks and ideas and then easily organize them into differently structured lists. Although programs like Basecamp can help with this a little bit, you’ll want an online tool like Remember the Milk that is specifically created to do this job right.

5- Google Chat


An instant messaging program is very useful for businesses. You can stay in touch with each other in real time, answering quick questions without wasting time on email. Google Chat is a top choice for a lot of businesses although some people prefer AIM and others use internal instant messaging systems designed specifically for their own companies.

6- Yugma

Instant messaging alone isn’t going to work for running a business. You also need a good web conferencing system. That’s because there will be times when the most efficient way to get things done is to get everyone together virtually for a video or phone conference. This is a great way to hold weekly meetings for an offsite staff. Yugma is a top choice although other options include Gaboogie and GoToMeeting.

7- Referral Key

referral images

The best way to run a business is to connect the right people to one another so that they can get the job done quickly. Referral Key is a useful online business tool for this purpose. It allows you to easily create a referral network for the people in your business. Similar online tools include intorNetworks and PartnerUp.

8- Kudos

If you’re going to run a business well then you need to keep your employees happy and loyal. Kudos is a cool online tool that helps you do that easily. More generally speaking, you might rely on other employee management tools such as time clock tools (like Clockspot) or paycheck tools (like PayCycle).

9- ClientScribe

Many people don’t realize it but running a business doesn’t just mean managing your employees. It also means managing your clients. You need an online system for tracking all of your client interactions. ClientScribe is a top choice.

10- JumpChart

Running a business means running a website. You want to find a good online tool for designing your website and keeping it up to date without a lot of effort. Jumpchart is a leading choice in this area. It is specifically designed to help you with website planning.

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